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First Test Video of MXS-BACH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Red Wing RC is a company specializing in super light, 30cc RC airplanes, that will fly 3d as well as 50cc planes. This is because our planes have an optimum balance of light weight building techniques, while still offering strong construction. Our commitment is to provide planes that look great, fly incredible and are an awesome value! We offer DLE engines for our 30cc and 50cc airplanes. We also now carry the DLE 20cc engine and have a new profile Sbach 20cc plane to fit that engine.

If you are looking for a...
  • Plane that is NOT nitro (no more $25 per gallon fuel; and it's just too greasy)
  • Plane that can run a gas engine and be light enough to fly great (electrics ok, but combustion ROCKS)
  • That is VERY scale in appearance (no funky profiles planes or hybrids)
  • That flies 3d and aerobatic maneuvers as good as bigger planes
  • Which costs almost half of what a 30% plane would cost
  • And a plane that has high quality build features that would normally only be found in 50cc and bigger planes
then you've found the right place! Give one of our 30cc quarter scale (25%) planes a try. You will be able to perform 3D maneuvers with a plane that looks this great, flies this great, is this well priced and STILL fits in your house! Or, if you already have a giant scale plane, get one of these to take on those short trips to the field. We now offer several kinds of 30cc sized planes as well as a few 50cc sized 3d planes, including, the SBach, 342 and 300, the MX2, the MXS-R, and the Yak 54 and Yak 55 with new planes coming soon. Your suggestions and ideas and color scheme suggestions are welcome.

30cc MXS-R, 50cc MXSR, 30cc Sbach 300, 30cc Sbach 342, 50cc Sbach 342, 50cc Sbach 300, Yak55m, yak 54, 20cc Sbach Profile and More available now!
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