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2016 Extra 330 V3 -Yellow

2016 Extra 330 V3 -Yellow

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The All New 2016 50cc Extra 330

With the 2015 Redwing RC 50cc Extra 330 being one of the most popular air frames to come to the RC market in years, they have decided to improve upon an already impressive design! 

After hundreds of hours of research and testing between Redwing Pilots and aeronautical advisers they have improved the airfoil, fuselage shape and other aerodynamic features of the plane.  You will notice that this plane still maintains the amazing predictable stability that customers have come to know about the Redwing 50cc Extra, but picks up some additional roll rate and elevator authority, as well as more side area to assist in wing down positions. You won’t notice trade offs – just improvements! 

In addition to aerodynamic improvements, the build is improved and continues to employ carbon fiber fusion in the air frame, a higher quality than ever.

With a design that was already so successful!

Available in RED, YELLOW, and GREEN

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Product Manual

Flight Video

Specifications:*(More Coming Soon)*

  • Wing span: 2260mm / 88.97"
  • Wing area: 1480 sq. inches
  • All up flying weight: 16.4 lbs
  • Length: 2065mm / 84.3"
  • Cowl
    • Inside diameter: 10.5" (266.7mm)
    • Inside height: 8.75" (222.25mm)

  • Engine: DA 70, PTE 72, DA 60, DLE 61
  • Radio: 6 channel recommended (4ch possible)
  • Recommended Spinner Size: 3.5"
  • Recommended CG: 6.75” to 7.25” from the LE at the root of the wing
  • Recommended Prop Size: 24x8 to 25x9
  • Recommended Throws:
    • Low Rates Settings | High Rate Settings
    • Rudder: |
    • Ailerons: |
    • Elevator: |
  • Removable stab
  • Ringed cowl
  • Adjustable push rods
  • Canister Tunnel built in
  • Painted matching spinner (available separately)
  • Carbon fiber additions:
    • stringers running full length of fuse
    • Retention pins in wings
    • Stringers in wings
  • Carbon fiber landing gear and accessories
  • Painted control horns to match plane scheme
  • Fast fly and easy build features, such as : Pre-drilled hinges, pre-plumbed fuel tank, and pre-installed rudder cable

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