Engine and Fuel Accessories

Engine and Fuel Accessories


Smoke Muffler for DLE 30

Smoke Muffler for DLE 30


Check our this easy-to-install smoke muffler that makes it simple to add some aerobatic fun with a 30cc sized plane. Fits DLE engine as well as many others with similar exhaust ports.

Includes Muffler and related hardware for installation.




Canister Muffler for DLE 30 OR DLE 55

Canister Muffler for DLE 30 OR DLE 55

This Canister is easily connected to the DLE 30 or DLE55 engine without adding much extra weight. The canister will significantly reduce the nosie of the engine, and also allow you to keep from having to cut up your cowl as much as with a muffler.

The 30cc Canister Muffler:

This muffler is designed with three levels of filters for the best sound dampening effect and feautures an oil proof converted silicone tube on the end of the muffler. The design makes this muffler very convenient for users to install them on engines.

Secure connection is ensured by the anti-skid joint on the muffler and the included installation clips.

The muffler is made of soft aluminum and is brushed into frosted texture.

Works even better than before at low to medium speeds.

Fast response.

Strong and light weight pipe.

Easy installation.

Includes mufflers, tubes, and clips.


See photos for dimensions



Muffler Silencer for DLE 30

Muffler Silencer for DLE 30


Do you want a more SCALE engine purr?! Look no further, these DLE Muffler Silencers will give that throaty sound to your engine with very little muss or fuss. This DLE Muffler Silencer significantly reduces the high pitched noise of the DLE 30 and makes it sound more scale - and they hardly increase the temperature of your cylinder head.

This unit ONLY works on the DLE 30.

Simply press fit the silencer in place and then hold with the included silicone tubing and zip ties - or drill a hole and install a screw - either way installation is easy - and these bad boys don't go anywhere! Friction alone helps keep them in place.

This silencer is a simple way to reduce the noise level of your rc engine without compromising the quality or performance - and at OUR price?! Simply cannot be beat.

Sold Individually! RA's or others with 2 exhaust pipes will need 2




Aluminum Louver Cooling Vent

Aluminum Louver Cooling Vent


Needing a sweet looking ventilation set up on your cowl so that your engine can purr with ease? Don't worry - we got this. Check out this lightweight, aluminum cooling vent! Not only will it look sleek on any plane - but it also offers twice as much cooling as those make-shift modifications to your cowl.

Stop spending all that time cutting up your cowl when you could just install these bad boys and have an even greater ventilation system! Why hassle over keeping your engine cool with your tedious, unnecessary alterations when these vents do that for you with ease?

Do yourself and your cowl a favor and pick up a few of these vents. Your bird will thank you.

Two sizes available!

2,7/8” x 2,1/2” (01) &
4,3/4” x 3,7/8” (02)

More sizes mean better variety of use! Try it out on any sized plane!




CNC Velocity Stack

CNC Velocity Stack

Improve your engine performance and throttle gradient

Made to fit DLE 30, DLE 55, DLA, and MOST Walbro carbs.
If your carb is the same size as one of the above it will fit your carb.

Smooth out engine performance with smoother air
Improves engine performance and idle

This high quality CNC velocity stack is made to help capture air near the carburetor and funnel it into the engine more cleanly. Thus avoiding back blow or turbulent air that maybe present with an open carb.

Walbro/RC engine carburetors were originally made for applications such as weed whackers and leaf blowers. They were made to function at high speed and there is not a need for a smooth gradient.

With your RC plane, it is preferable to have a cleaner transition from low to high speed, which is why a velocity stack is a popular addition.

The installation of the velocity stack is fairly simple, and has optional bolts to assist if needed. On rear carb models, you may have to open the hole in the center of your firewall to allow for the velocity stack to slip into the firewall.



Top of flange, outside diameter = 1 3/8 inches or 35mm

Distance between mounting holes = 1 1/4 inches (measured from center of holes)




DA Stock Mufflers

DA Stock Mufflers

DA Stock Mufflers

DA mufflers feature all aluminium CNC construction and a large baffled main canister. These design features make them a very durable in-cowl muffler. Included with DA mufflers are two  pressure fittings for smoke and two plugs for the inlets if you do not run smoke.

Enjoy your DA mufflers Today!

  • DA 35
  • DA 50
  • DA 60
  • DA 70
  • DA 100
  • DA 120
  • DA 150
  • DA 170
  • DA 200

These mufflers are made for DA Engines. Click Here!



DLE Muffler Extensions

DLE Muffler Extensions

Untitled Document

DLE Muffler Extensions


Choose from 5 sizes!

These extensions fit over the exhaust exits on your DLE muffler. Below are some size dimensions and the muffler that each will fit. It is still a good idea to measure the exits on your muffler.

FORMAT: LxW (width is inside diameter)

A: 63x15 mm : DLE 20RA

B: 64x17 mm : DLE 35RA/40

C: 78x20 mm : DLE 55RA

D: 96x25 mm : DLE 55, DLE 111, DLE 120

E: 121x31 mm : DLE 61, DLE 85

*Sold individually- if you have a twin engine, you will need two extensions

*Each Hose extension comes with a metal clamp to tightly secure it to the muffler.



Miracle Clamshell Round Fuel Dot

Miracle Clamshell Round Fuel Dot

Untitled Document

Miracle Clamshell Fuel Dot


Say hello to the Miracle Clamshell Fuel Dot- Filling your plane just got even easier.

This new designed fuel dot is very easy yo use. It has a fuel inlet and two fuel outlets. Just open the clamshell- in doing so the outlet to the engine will automatically close so you can insert the fuel nipple and fuel your plane like always. When you are done, just remove fuel nipple and close the clamshell- the outlet to the engine will open automatically.


Pick between Red, Blue, and Black.

Clamshell Dimensions:

  • Front plate: 1 3/8"
  • Body: 3/4"







Miracle Fuel Dot - Aluminum - Gas

Miracle Fuel Dot - Aluminum - Gas

These Miracle fuel dots are GREAT looking and function just as well. They are made of machined aluminum, and have a neoprene O-ring for a tight fuel proof fit. They include all the hardware you need and work with all standard size tygon tubing.



Muffler Silencer for DLE 20  or DLE 35RA

Muffler Silencer for DLE 20 or DLE 35RA


Are you tired of fumbling through your things to find ear plugs JUST to start your RC engine? Well, as always, Redwing RC has you covered. These DLE muffler silencers are a great alternative to blowing out your ear drums. They significantly reduce the high pitched noise of the DLE 20 engine and makes it sound more scale - and they hardly increase the temperature of your cylinder head.

Will work for the DLE 20, or the DLE 35RA. They do NOT work on the DLE 30, or other sizes.

Simply press fit the silencer in place and then hold with the included silicone tubing and zip ties - or drill a hole and install a screw - either way installation is easy - and these bad boys don't go anywhere! Friction alone helps keep them in place.

This silencer is a simple way to reduce the noise level of your rc engine without compromising the quality or performance - and at OUR price?! Simply cannot be beat.

Sold individually! 355RA with two exhaust pipes will need 2.



Tygon Tubing

Tygon Tubing

Safe for Gasoline - sized for DLE engines and many others
3mm i.d. - 6mm o.d.
(also known as medium size - fits the DLE 20/30/55/111 and many other)

Sold in 1 meter (3ft) Sections. Please select how many Meters you want

Fuel Tube


Fourtitude V2 Gas Tank- 8oz

Fourtitude V2 Gas Tank- 8oz

The NEW Fortitude V2 gas tanks are here!!!

*Fourtitude has amended their fuel tanks due to federal regulations on shipping fuel containers. Check out the video below to see just how easy it is to assemble the tank!

Make sure to upgrade asap as this new and improved design is the cutting edge of next generation RC gas tanks. You are probably familiar with the old design- with the the line-in and the vent nozzle on the top of the tank and the line running to the engine on the cap. Because there are so many different fitting and sealants, there are alot of places where something can go wrong or start leaking.

The V2 design eliminates ALL of these problems with ONE SIMPLE DESIGN..... ALL nozzles are in the removable cap which has TWO rubber gaskets and is ONE SOLID PIECE, which includes the vent tube and filling tube. Fewer parts = Fewer problems.

Fortitude has hit the target with the V2 Tank and as always, is the best quality you can get!

Fortitude (or 4titude) gas tanks are high quality, crystal clear plastic tanks, that take the guesswork and worry out of your tanks. You can clearly see into the 4titude tank to know if your line is still flexible and your clunk is in place! Fortitude tanks include the foam, the Velcro and the tubing to hook to your engine!

4titude tanks are SUPER light, in fact, the lightest commercially available tanks on the market. They use aerospace grade adhesives to ensure long life. 4titude tanks are also made of seamless plastic, making them fully resistant to splitting!

The included clunk is filtered as well.




V2 Features:

  • Injection Molded Single piece glass filled nylon fitting manifold. Light weight extremely strong material that creates a very easy to plumb and compact fuel tank.

  • Dual static O-ring seals, designed utilizing the latest aerospace engineering technology, to seal fluid even under high pressure.  V2 has one potential leak point and with the redundant static seals we have double assurance it will never leak.

  • Plumbed with a filtered clunk and an extended fill/ drain tube to make it easy to drain the tank completely.

  • Zero protrusions/ fittings on the outside of the tank to interfere with tight airframe installations.

  • We took care of making sure there is zero guess work involving installation. 3D diagram included with each tank showing how to properly plumb your fuel system for the best results.



Note the length dimension is from the back of the tank to the front of the fitting/tubing barbs.


  • Size: 8 ounce (236 ML)
    • Length 5 3/8” x Width 1 7/8" x Height 1 7/8” (136.5 x 49.5 x 49.5 mm)
  • Weight: 1 ounce
  • Fittings are part of the cap/ internal tubing
  • Filtered clunk
  • Super light!
  • Crystal clear
  • Seamless
  • Includes: Tank/foam/velcro
  • Fourtitude Tanks are compatible with gas engines only. (Not compatible with Glow fuel)

Fortitude tanks are compatible with ALL oils, synthetic and non-synthetic. Fortitude uses PPG Class B sealant. The expert below explains how high tech and quality of a sealant it is:

“PPG Class B is an aircraft integral fuel tank sealant. It has a service temperature range from - 65°F (-54°C) to 250°F (121°C), with intermittent excursions up to 275°F (135°C). This material is designed for fillet sealing of fuel tanks and other air- craft fuselage sealing applications. The cured sealant maintains excellent elastomeric properties after pro- longed exposure to both jet fuel and aviation gas. "