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Thank you for your patience as Redwing RC transitions to a new owner. It is exciting to announce the Re-Launch of Redwing RC (RedwingRC—Redefined) and the continuation of the Redwing brand. The goal is to focus on the core products that made Redwing RC one of the most popular brands in RC, providing exceptional custom designed aircraft for the hobby. We will offer the 30cc "Strong Design" Edge 540 V3 and 100cc Extra 330sc aircraft initially, focusing on Redwing's expert designs that gave Redwing RC the reputation of quality products known for their value, performance and reliability. Stay tuned for more news and thank you for your patience as we work with the factory and suppliers to purchase inventory and update the website.

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Red Wing RC is a company specializing in state-of-the-art radio controlled airplanes and accessories. Our custom designed aircraft will fly sport, 3D maneuvers, and IMAC sequences. We also offer much larger planes at a fraction of the cost! This is because our planes have the optimum balance of light weight design and the latest in strengthening technology including integrated carbon fiber and aluminum reinforcements. Our commitment to our customers is to provide planes that look incredible, fly great, and are an awesome value!

To simplify your next RC project, we stock both gasoline and electric power systems, and every part or accessory needed to complete our planes without the trouble of ordering from multiple different places!

We offer the full line of DLE, DA and PTE gas engines (We're the exclusive US distributor of PTE). Try our new Tomcat electric motors sized for park fliers up to 25% scale!  We also offer a VERY wide selection of just about every possible accessory, propeller, servo, fuel tank, switch, etc. that you might need to complete your plane.

So if you are looking for a plane...

  • that is NOT nitro (no more $25 per gallon fuel; and it's just too greasy),
  • that can run a gas engine and be light enough to fly great (electrics are ok, but combustion ROCKS!),
  • that is scale in appearance to is full scale inspiration (except our exclusive and one-of-a-kind MXSBach hybrid!),
  • that flies 3D and aerobatic maneuvers as good as bigger and more expensive planes,
  • which costs almost half of what a 33% or 50% plane would cost,
  • that has high quality build features that would normally be found only in much larger planes,
  • that you can order with everything necessary to complete it

then you've found the right place! Give one of our planes a try!  You will be able to perform 3D maneuvers with a plane that looks this great, flies great, is well priced, and with our 25% scale line, STILL fits in your house or car!
Or, if you already have a giant scale plane, get one of our 25% planes to take on those short trips to the field. We now offer several kinds of 30cc sized planes as well as a growing selection of 50cc sized 3Dplanes, including, the Extra 330, Yak-55, Slick 540 and the Sbach.   Your suggestions and ideas about planes and color schemes are welcome, and we even offer limited production runs of "Ghost" or all white airframes that you can use a blank canvas for your own scheme!!

20cc (profile): Yak 54, Edge 540, Extra 330, SBach 342 -- 30cc:  MXSBach, MXS-R, Slick 540, Extra 330, Yak 55m, Yak 54, Sbach 342 and 300, and a Stinson! -- 50cc:  Extra 330, Slick 540, Yak 55m, SBach 342 -- 100cc:  Coming in 2016!!