50cc Sbach - Orange

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While we here at Redwing RC LOVE the 30cc size, the 50cc size is also hard to beat. For a little more you get a plane that handles better in more windy conditions and floats on its wings, even if you go a little heavy on the build (that is our 50cc Sbach 342 in a nutshell). And of course, the bigger the plane, the more impressive.

You'll find our 50cc version of the Sbach 342 to be as good as it gets, with it's scale looks, priority to lightness, and ease of build, you'll be enjoying flying this one sooner than you know!! This 50cc Sbach excels in 3d flight and does pattern very well also. If you want a plane that catches the crowds eye, and flys like a dream, get yourself one of these today!

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  • Wing span: 88"
  • Wing area: 1400 sq. in.
  • All up flying weight: 16-17.5 lbs. depending on build style
  • Length: 84"
  • Engine: Recommended: DLE 55, or DLE 55RA
  • Radio: 6 channel recommended (4ch possible)
  • Recommended Spinner Size: 4"
  • Recommended CG: 25%-30% from the LE at the ROOT
  • Recommended Prop Size: 23x8, or 24x8
  • Recommended Throws: adjust to liking as you fly
    • Low Rates Settings | High Rate Settings
    • Rudder: 30 degrees, 20% expo | 50 degrees, 35% expo
    • Ailerons: 25 degrees, 25% expo | 40 degrees, 40% expo
    • Elevator: 20 degrees, 20% expo | 45 degrees, 40% expo

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  • Removable stab
  • Ringed cowl
  • Adjustable push rods
  • Canister ready
  • Carbon fiber landing gear and accessories
  • Painted matching spinner (Optional)
  • Fast fly and easy build features, such as : Pre-drilled hinges, pre-plumbed fuel tank, and pre-installed rudder cable,

The RED DEAL COMBO comes with:

  • Plane
  • DLE (55 or 55RA optional)
  • 5 Servos (choose below)
  • Prop (choose below)
  • 3 pair 6" extensions
  • 2 pair 12" extensions
  • 1 pair 18" extensions
  • 3000mah LiFE Battery
  • 2 Large switches
    **Opto Kill and Mini Tach are NOT included with engine in plane / engine combos**

    Build & Ship Plane

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  • Model: 50-SB-O

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