100cc MXSR


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Becuase of popular demand - REDWING RC has done it! We have upsized our VERY popular 30cc MXSR, and created a 100cc MXSR beauty.

In Stock Now! Here is the all new REDWING RC MXSR 100cc plane. This is a Redwing RC exclusive - and while others may have a similar MXS-R, we revised our prototype several times, before ordering in "whatever" the factory had in stock to make this exciting 100cc MXSR. Our ELITE plane's are all designed by our team, with one of our advisors being a previous desginer for Boeing. Lot's of great custom features and excellent design for superior flight.

This 100cc MXSR flies like it's little brother, ONLY better! While that may be hard to belive, as the 30cc flies SO good, it really does. For one, 100cc planes get pushed around by wind less. And they tend to feel more floaty - as is the case with this 100cc MXSR.

We only got a handful in this batch and as of THIS update, VERY FEW remain!

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  • Wing span: 108"
  • Wing area: 1950 sq. in.
  • All up flying weight: Appx. 28lbs depending on build style
  • Length: 102"
  • Engine: Recommended, DLE 111
  • Radio: 8-9+ channel recommended
  • Recommended Spinner Size: 4.25"
  • Recommended CG: 25%-30% from the LE at the ROOT
  • Recommended Prop Size:
    • 27x10
  • Recommended Throws: adjust to liking as you fly
    • Low Rates Settings | High Rate Settings
    • Rudder: 30 degrees, 20% expo | 50 degrees, 35% expo
    • Ailerons: 25 degrees, 25% expo | 40 degrees, 40% expo
    • Elevator: 20 degrees, 20% expo | 45 degrees, 40% expo

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  • Removable stab
  • Ringed cowl
  • Adjustable push rods
  • Canister ready
  • Carbon fiber landing gear and accessories
  • Painted matching spinner
  • Fast fly and easy build features, such as : Pre drilled hinges, pre plumbed fuel tank, pre installed rudder cable,
  • Ultracote brand covering (Oracover is the same thing)

Shipping $150 Flat rate in the lower 48 US. Contact us for other shipping requests

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  • Model: 100-MXSR

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