Bat-Safe 12" Balancing Cable Extension Set (5)

Bat-Safe 12" Balancing Cable Extension Set (5)

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Description: JST-HX Balance Wire Set for Bat-Safe and Bat-Safe XL

The Bat-Safe Balance Cable Set consist of five 12” long Balance Extension wires with JST-XH connectors that can be used for LiPo balancing, charging, or discharging. Any charger that uses an XH balance board or plug can accept these extensions and is a perfect solution moving the battery away from the charger and use for the Bat-Safe charging boxes.

The package includes the following extensions (these can be interconnected for extended lengths):

  • (1) 2s JST-XH 3 Wire Balance Cable
  • (1) 3s JST-XH 4 Wire Balance Cable
  • (1) 4s JST-XH 5 Wire Balance Cable
  • (1) 5s JST-XH 6 Wire Balance Cable
  • (1) 6s JST-XH 7 Wire Balance Cable

1 set required for your regular size Bat-Safe Battery Charging Safe Box, as standard balancing wires are too short! 12 inches (300mm) long.

For the New Bat-Safe XL Battery Charging Safe Box, requires 2 sets of balance wires for a total length of 24 inches (600mm) long.

These 12" extensions can also be used as JST extensions for your aircraft allowing pilots to mount a LiFe battery to an inaccessible area and route the wire to an area where it can easily be balanced charged (for example, mounting it to the firewall and then using the extension to route it to the fuselage where you can easily connect it to a balance charger).

Fully compatible with Redwing RC LiFe batteries


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4MM Custom Mounting Bracket

4MM Custom Mounting Bracket