Bavarian Demon 3X 3-Axis Flybarless Gyro System--for Helis

Bavarian Demon 3X 3-Axis Flybarless Gyro System--for Helis

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The Bavarian Demon 3X Helicopter Flybarless Gyro System is an elegantly crafted, yet demonically programmed Flybarless Gyro which offers a plethora of features to even the most demonic level of pilots across the world! 3X is a stripped down version of the bigger brother, 3SX, which essentially has removed the rescue features the 3SX utilizes. 

3X can be installed in all helicopter models, such as electric, nitro, gasoline, and turbine powered. 3X additionally supports all servo types, which include: analog, digital, brushless, standard pulse-width (1520uS), & narrow band (760uS). Additionally, all swashplate types are supported within the 3SX software, which ensures compatibility with any model found on the market. 


  • High Quality MEMS Gyros
  • Aluminum CNC Case
  • USB Connection On Board

Supply Voltage: 4-10V (2s LiPo Compatible; Minimum 5.5V when using Spektrum or JR Satellites) 
Max Roll & Pitch Rotational Speed: 500 degrees/sec 
Max Tail Rotational Speed: 650 degrees/sec 
Tail Servo Output: Digital: 220Hz; Analog: 55Hz; 760-1520uS 
Head Servo Output: Digital: 110HzAnalog55Hz 
Maximum Servo Currents: 
10A continuous, 12A peak 
Weight: 18g 
Cable Length: 

Technical Note: The 3SX will not work with ProTek 270SBL, Xpert R1T, & XPert R2T Tail Servos. The "Axon" will be able to utilize these servos. 

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DLE 61

DLE 61