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Reward Points

Redwing Reward Points: It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

1) Shop with Redwing RC and Earn Points:
It's simple! Reward points are calculated at 3% for every dollar you spend. So for $100 you get a $3 credit you can use on your next order. For every $1000 you spend you get a $30 credit and so on! We have one of the best reward values in the industry!!.

2) Redeem
Again, easy! When you check out on your next purchase login, and then hit checkout. On the next screen there will be a box titled "Reward Points". It will display how many points you have available (i.e. 1000 points earned). Simply type in how many you want to use for the current purchase.

3) Save. Smile!
Save $ and be happy! The end!