1 ft TruCote Covering

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1 ft TruCote Covering

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Heat shrink covering for RC planes

Please contact us for information on if your plane is using Ultracote, or TruCote before ordering if you are unsure

TruCote covering is a high tech polyester covering that is sensative to heat which makes it easy to apply to your plane. It offers high adhesion, fuel proof/waterproof covering for your plane. Easy to apply using a heat gun and/or iron.

  • Specs:
  • Width: 23.5”
  • Temp to adhesion: Approximately 250 degrees F
  • Shrinkage begins: Approximately 275 degrees F
  • Maximum recommended temp: Approximately 300 degrees F

For instructions on how to apply covering here is a helpful tutorial:


Sold in 1 Foot Sections. Please select how many feet you want.

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RCEXL 1 Meter OD5mm x ID3mm Fuel Tube For Gas Engine Yellow

Safe for Gasoline - sized for DLE engines and many others
3mm i.d. - 6mm o.d.
(also known as medium size - fits the DLE 20/30/55/111 and many other)

Sold in 1 meter (3ft) Sections. Please select how many Meters you want

RCEXL-Fuel Tube


55A ESC with Heat Sink BEC

55A ESC with Heat Sink BEC



Miracle Low Profile 3D Spinner (DLE 30 and DLE 55)

Miracle Low Profile 3D Spinner (DLE 30 and DLE 55)


  • Scale prop nut M8*1
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Silver
  • Suitable for DLE20 /Enya FS120/ all YS 4 stroke Engines