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The CNC casing is ultra-lightweight and designed with a metal shielded casing for optimum heat dissipation. This product has low ripple, high efficiency, and consistently delivers up to 20A of output current. In addition, it has an LED light-emitting diode working status indicator, which lights up when the output is normal.


  • Miniaturized design and easy application.
  • Input and output dual power indicator.
  • Plug and play, no soldering required.
  • Linear regulation, low ripple, no interference.
  • Both input and output use high quality tantalum capacitors.
  • 4.8-9.7V voltage output (adjustable for high and low voltage servos)
  • Lightweight switch (circuit works automatically when the switch is not connected)
  • CNC large-size heatsink housing for efficient heat dissipation and higher current output.
  • Supports up to 10-- 30kg torque digital servos at the same time.
  • Supports large model aircraft (13Kg), for example: 120cc gasoline powered aircraft.


  • Input Voltage:  6 - 13V(2-3S LiPo)
  • Output Voltage:  4.8 – 9.7V(2-3S LiPo)
  • Output Current :  0-20A (Max: 30A)
  • Weight:  38g
  • Size: 50mmX38mmX13mm
  • Working temperature: -20℃ to 85℃

Caution Notes:

  • Battery polarity can not be reversed.
  • Voltage can not exceed the operating voltage range of product.
  • When using do not come into contact with oil or water or near corrosive materials.
  • When the output voltage is lower than 7.2V, use the 2S lithium battery for power supply. This will effectively reduce the heat generated by the buck and output more current.



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Miracle Fuel Dot - Aluminum - Gas

These Miracle fuel dots are GREAT looking and function just as well. They are made of machined aluminum, and have a neoprene O-ring for a tight fuel proof fit. They include all the hardware you need and work with all standard size tygon tubing.



Fuel Filter Deluxe



Using a fuel filter can help to prevent damage to your engine from dirt and particles that may enter your fuel. This Fuel Filter uses a very fine filter that will catch any particles that would interfere with your engine's performance. It has a clear center so you can see how easily the fuel is passing.

You can easily take it apart to clean off the filter tube. It is made of CNC alloy. It is 50mm in length and has a 4mm nipple for standard medium tubing that we sell.

The inner diameter is a large 3mm, to ensure smooth consistent flow of your fuel as well. It also comes with a clip you can screw or glue down to easily secure it in your plane.

A good buy for sure!



Fuel Filter


Painted Redwing RC 3d Propeller - White & Red

SAME GREAT PROPS JUST GOT BETTER! Brand new design to make your plane even more stylish - White with Red Tips!

These new, advanced designed props have been brought in by Redwing RC to compliment our line of planes. With advanced engineering, they are high efficient, lightweight and balance easily. These props are made with 3d and precision flying in mind. Made of beechwood, the sharp tips and thin design allow you to squeeze maximum efficeincy out of your engine. These properllors are the same in design as other more expensive props, but at significant savings. Close to 50% less. Buy several... you won't want to be without one if you break a prop!


  • Scimitar design for efficiency
  • Sharp tips - thin blades for better performance
  • Made of lightweight, high quality, beechwood
  • Beautiful looks, strength and performance
  • 24x9 - $29.99
  • 25x9 - $33.99
  • 27x10 - $42.99
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  • 28x10 - $49.99
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