30cc / 50cc Wheel Pants

30cc / 50cc Wheel Pants

30 / 50 Wheel pants
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Replacement wheel pants for our 30cc & 50cc planes. These work for both the sizes of planes. Please select color choice.
Sold in pairs.

Replacement pants for our 30cc and 50cc planes can be ordered. The standard price shown is for wheel pants to be produced at the time of order and air-freighted as quickly as possible from the factory direct. This allows for a more custom match to your plane and the most economical method of production. We will contact you with any questions about your plane to make sure we get an ideal fit for you. The complete process from time of order will take about 4-6 weeks.

Contact us with any questions and to determine availability.

Air Freight EMS direct to you: $29.99 if odering only pants, but the best deal is to add pants to a Cowl or Canopy replacement order at no additional cost!

Wheel pants can be added to a Cowl or Canopy order for $19.99 without additional shipping!

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Fuel Filter Deluxe

Using a fuel filter can help to prevent damage to your engine from dirt and particles that may enter your fuel. This Fuel Filter uses a very fine filter that will catch any particles that would interfere with your engine's performance. It has a clear center so you can see how easily the fuel is passing.

You can easily take it apart to clean off the filter tube. It is made of CNC alloy. It is 50mm in length and has a 4mm nipple for standard medium tubing that we sell.

The inner diameter is a large 3mm, to ensure smooth consistent flow of your fuel as well. It also comes with a clip you can screw or glue down to easily secure it in your plane.

A good buy for sure!

Fuel Filter


DLE Muffler Extensions

DLE Muffler Extensions


Choose from 5 sizes!

These extensions fit over the exhaust exits on your DLE muffler. Below are some size dimensions and the muffler that each will fit. It is still a good idea to measure the exits on your muffler.

FORMAT: LxW (width is inside diameter)

A: 63x15 mm : DLE 20RA

B: 64x17 mm : DLE 35RA/40

C: 78x20 mm : DLE 55RA

D: 96x25 mm : DLE 55, DLE 111, DLE 120

E: 121x31 mm : DLE 61, DLE 85

*Sold individually- if you have a twin engine, you will need two extensions

*Each Hose extension comes with a metal clamp to tightly secure it to the muffler.




Aluminum Hub Rubber Wheels














These Aluminum Hub Wheels are made with High Quality Rubber tires that will make landing softly a breeze. Designed to fit 20cc to 170cc

Wheels are sold in pairs.

Wheel Chart


  • Reusable Aluminum Hub
  • High Quality Rubber Tire


  • 3"- 20-30cc: $15.99
  • 3.5"- 50-60cc: $18.99
  • 4"- 100-120cc: $20.51
  • 4.5"- 150-170cc: $25.00

Weight (for two wheels)

  • 20-30cc: 2.6 oz
  • 50-60cc: 2.8 oz
  • 100-120cc:6 oz
  • 150-170cc: 7 oz