50cc EXTRA 330 - Blue

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50cc EXTRA 330 - Blue

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Weight 185.00 lbs

Description: SkySun Hobby 50cc Extra SC

For anyone who loves their 30cc plane but is looking to upgrade, the 50cc EXTRA 330 is the perfect bigger-scale model to impress other RC enthusiasts. Available in blue, the EXTRA 330 is sure to go the EXTRA mile in performance and quality.

You can't beat the price of these stylish, quality built models....limited quantity so get them while you can they will go fast!!!


Product Manual


Specifications:*(More Coming Soon)*

  • Wing span: 2260mm / 88.97"
  • Wing area: 1480 sq. inches
  • All up flying weight: 16.4 lbs   
  • Length: 2065mm / 84.3"
  • Cowl
    • Inside diameter: 10.5" (266.7mm)
    • Inside height: 8.75" (222.25mm)

  • Engine: DLE 55, DLE 55RA also DA 70, PTE 72, DA 60, DLE 61 for extreme 3D
  • Radio: 6 channel recommended (4ch possible)
  • Recommended Spinner Size:
  • Recommended CG: 6.75” to 7.25” from the LE at the root of the wing
  • Recommended Prop Size: 24x8 to 25x9
  • Recommended Throws:
    • Low Rates Settings | High Rate Settings
    • Rudder: |
    • Ailerons: |
    • Elevator: |

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  • Removable stab
  • Ringed cowl
  • Adjustable push rods
  • Canister ready
  • Carbon fiber landing gear and accessories
  • Carbon fiber Rei enforcements:
    • CF stringers in fuse
    • CF stringers in wings
    • CF wing reinforcement tubes
    • CF retention pins in stabs/wings
  • Fiberglass stab mounts
  • Painted matching spinner (Optional)
  • Fast fly and easy build features, such as : Pre-drilled hinges, pre-plumbed fuel tank, and pre-installed rudder cable



: *
: *
: *

Miracle RC Throw Meter

Make SURE your control surfaces are moving in even amounts in ALL directions.

Quality you can count on
This high quality CNC anodized throw meter, is made to precisely measure your surface deflections. Just clip on the aileron or elevtor (with it's padded light grab clip) and then turn the dial to show zero. Move your surface up or down and record your degree of throw. Match it with your other side, AND the other direction easily, quickly and PRECISELY!



Miracle Fuel Filling Nozzle

Miracle long fuel filling nozzle with fuel filter.
Available in Red, Gold, and Blue.
Please make a note of your color choice.



Miracle RC Anodized Color Spinners

Miracle RC Anodized Color Spinners

All NEW design! These Miracle aluminum spinners have back plates which have extensive lightening, the spinners are cut for a large 3d style prop, and the back plates are drilled for multiple engine sizes!


  • 2.5" Spinner : DLE 20, Enya FS120, All YS Four Strokes and any that match these
  • 3" Spinner: DLE 30, DLE 35RA, DLE 55, DLE 55RA, MLD 28, DA 50, 56, 58, and EVO 54 (and any other engines that fit these templates
  • 3.5" DLE 30, DLE 35RA, DLE 55, DLE 55RA, MLD 28, DA 50, 56, 58, and EVO 54 (and any other engines that fit these templates

  • 2.5": Height 2.7", weight 2.7oz, includes 30mm bolt.
  • 3": Height - 3.1", weight 3.2 oz, includes 55mm bolt.
  • 3.5" : Height 3.7", weight 3.6oz, includes 60mm bolt.



Miracle RC Aluminum Spinners are high quality CNC Machined spinners. Very light, with a lightened back plate included. Very accurate, very beautiful, and a great value!



  • 2.5" - $16.95
  • 3" - $20.95
  • 3.5" - $27.95
  • 4.5" - $44.95
  • 5" - $50.95