50cc Electric Powerset Combo - A

50cc Electric Powerset Combo - A

50cc Electric Powerset Combo - A
50cc Electric Powerset Combo - A
50cc Electric Powerset Combo - A
50cc Electric Powerset Combo - A
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Thinking about converting your 50cc gas powered plane to electric power? Our 50cc size electric powerset combo takes the hassel out of figuring out exactly what you need because we've done it for you! By choosing one of our pre-grouped electric power combos, you are getting everything you need to convert your plane to electric power in one click of your mouse.

This combo includes the electric motor, the electric speed controller, a battery pack and a prop.


  • Hacker A60-18L High-End Brushless Motor
  • Castle Creations Phoenix Edge 120HV Brushless Electric Speed Controller
  • Two (2) Pulse 5000 mAh 6 Cell 22.2V Battery Packs
  • APC 24*12 Electric Prop

Order today! Some items stocked by our supplier and may take 1-2 weeks for delivery.

For those lucky people who have more than one plane be sure to check out our 20cc and 30cc Electric Powersets also!

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Fuel Filter Deluxe

Using a fuel filter can help to prevent damage to your engine from dirt and particles that may enter your fuel. This Fuel Filter uses a very fine filter that will catch any particles that would interfere with your engine's performance. It has a clear center so you can see how easily the fuel is passing.

You can easily take it apart to clean off the filter tube. It is made of CNC alloy. It is 50mm in length and has a 4mm nipple for standard medium tubing that we sell.

The inner diameter is a large 3mm, to ensure smooth consistent flow of your fuel as well. It also comes with a clip you can screw or glue down to easily secure it in your plane.

A good buy for sure!

Fuel Filter


Future Model Yellow/ Black EPP Yak Cowl

Yellow/ Black EPP Yak Replacement Cowl



JR Servo Y Extension

Our 6” heavy-duty Y-harnesses are perfect for standard servos up to 1/4 scale servos. They offer 22awg wire, gold plated connectors and thick wire jackets. Y-junction located in the middle of the harness and is a solid plastic housing rather than the cheaper heat shrink Ys.

Perfect for getting 2 leads out of one RX port.

1 servo Y per unit: