50cc Silence Twister 95inch Balsa Wood ARF

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50cc Silence Twister 95inch Balsa Wood ARF

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50cc Silence Twister 95inch Balsa Wood ARF 

For anyone who loves their 30cc plane but is looking to upgrade to a larger model, the 50cc Silence Twister is the perfect large-scale model to impress other RC enthusiasts. Available in a high contrast color scheme, the Twister is sure to make heads turn at the field!

You can't beat the price of these stylish, quality built models....limited quantity so get them while you can they will go fast!!!

Specifications:*(More Coming Soon)*

  • Wing span: 2413mm / 95"
  • Wing area: 1480 sq. inches
  • All up flying weight: 16.4 lbs depending on setup
  • Length: 2413mm / 95"
  • Engine: 50cc Gas
  • Radio: 9 Channels 9-10 Servos recommended 
  • Recommended Spinner Size: 4"
  • Recommended Prop Size: 22x10 or 23x8 


  • Professionally covered in Oracover film from Germany
  • High contrast color scheme
  • Canopy with Pilot
  • Ringed cowl
  • Adjustable motor mount included
  • Pre-painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
  • Removable battery canopy/wings
  • Carbon fiber landing gear and accessories
  • Carbon fiber main tube and stabilizer tube
  • Rubber PU wheel with Alu Alloy Hub
  • Step-by-Step instruction manual with complete hardware package

This is ARF plane, only includes metal accessories,all of electronic accessories are not included. If you need motor, servos, extensions etc...please email us at [email protected] for combo pricing.

Oversized box please contact us at [email protected] to determine best shipping option.

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Carbon Fiber Tail Wheel SIMPLE SERIES for 30cc, 50cc and 100cc

Carbon Fiber Tail Wheel SIMPLE SERIES for 30cc, 50cc and 100cc

This tailwheel offers the best options of price, ease of use, reliability, weight and ease of installation.


  • 1.1 oz. Total Weight
  • Carbon Fiber
  • 6 " from wheel to end of carbon mount(50cc)
  • 4.5" from wheel to carbon fiber mount (30cc)
  • 1.5" high quality rubber wheel






  • Carbon Fiber Frame
  • 1.5" Rubberized Wheel
  • Aluminum Collars for lightweight
  • Aluminum swivel for durability and precision



Carbon fiber tail wheel pricing
30cc: $16.99
50cc: 20.99





SmartDesign V2 "Trouble Free" Tail Wheel Assembly










This tail wheel assembly is extremely efficient and reliable. With fewer parts, there is less to worry about and the solid construction makes it the go-to choice for pilots at any skill level. The new V2 design incorporates ball bearings for smooth motion, ball-joint to rudder steering connection, wider CF mounting plate, and slightly larger wheels that the v1. "Trouble Free" means just that... no more worrying about screws falling out or loss of control. Make the switch today by installing the SmartDesign Tail Wheel!!!

CNC Aluminum & C.F. Tail Wheel Assembly for 20cc to 220cc



  • Extremely Reliable
  • Mechanically Efficient Design
  • Simple and Solid Construction
  • Fewer parts needed for install
  • Ball Bearings


  • 20-40cc: $27.00
  • 50-70cc: $34.99
  • 85-120cc: $44.99
  • 150cc-220cc: $54.00


  • 20-40cc: 1.2 oz
  • 50-70cc: 1.6 oz
  • 85-120cc: 2.2 oz
  • 150cc-220cc: 2.6 oz

Don't forget to check out our Aluminum Hub Wheels! They are excellent replacements for landing gears and tail wheels. Please see sizing chart below.

Tail Wheel Chart



GT Power High Power 3W Aircraft Lighting System


















































































GT Power Servo Consistency Master.

With this cool device you can test up to 3 servos at a time for consistency and precision. With the GT Power servo tester you can see how servos react in three different testing modes. Manual, Neutral, and Automatic.


Manual Mode:: Turn the knob at different speeds however you want to check reaction time.

Neutral Mode:: Make the servo go back to the neutral position.

Automatic Mode:: "window wiper mode"- make the servo swing back and fourth at max angle.



  • Connect 1-3 servos simultaneously
  • Test in 3 different modes
  • Easy to read labels
  • LED lights