60" Laser 260 (70e) AeroplusRC

60" Laser 260 (70e) AeroplusRC

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Redwing RC has partnered with Aeroplus RC to bring you this Special Edition Laser 260. This new improved Edition builds on the stellar reputation of the original version with updated carbon fibre construction resulting in a lighter, stronger airframe. 

This amazing performer will fit assembled in a truck bed easily! Plug in a battery and get ready to do:
Torque Rolls
Precision manevuers
Knife Edge spins

This bird will perform everything you can throw at it amazingly well and comes at an affordable price in an easily transportable size.

The 60" Laser 260 uses a 7-10oz 1200W class motor that can swing a 15x8 or similar prop with a 90Amp ESC. A 6S 3300-4000 mah battery is ideal for a 5 to 7 minute flight.

Flying weight is super light at only 4.5 lbs (not including the battery) but the ideal wing design keeps it super sharp and precise.

Pairs GREAT with a Lemon RX (LM0004) with a built in stabalizer. With this RX/Gyro (less than $34) it will feel like you are flying a 50cc even in strong winds. Pair it up with some Power HD (LF-13 MG or 1207 TG) , Hitec 5245 or 7245, SAVOX SC-0252 or MKS DS-1220 servos for ultra precision and un-beatable performance








  • Wing span: 60"
  • Wing area: 607 sq. inches
  • All up flying weight: 4.5lbs (not including battery)
  • Length: 57.5"
  • Engine: Hacker A50-14XS or similar
  • Recommended CG: Initial test flight 117mm or 3 2/3" from leading edge then adjust to personal preference
  • Recommended Prop Size: 15x8 16x8
  • Recommended Throws: adjust to liking as you fly
    • Low Rates Settings | High Rate Settings
    • Rudder: 30 degrees, 20% expo | 35-45 degrees, 45-60% expo
    • Ailerons: 20 degrees, 20% expo | 35-45 degrees, 45-60% expo
    • Elevator: 20 degrees, 20% expo | 35-45 degrees, 45-60% expo


  • Carbon Fiber Wing Tube
  • Carbon Fiber Main Gear and Tail Gear
  • Carbon Fiber reinforced Landing Gear Mount
  • Lightweight design with Carbon fiber rods for stronger Fuse
  • Fiberglass Servo Arms and Control Horns
  • High Quality light weight Carbon Fiber Spinner



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XQ 4013 digital 6v



DLE 20cc Engine



DLE 35RA Engine