62" Slick 540 EPP Full Fuse - RED

62" Slick 540 EPP Full Fuse - RED

Future Models EPP Slick 540 Full Fuse BLACK
Future Models EPP Slick 540 Full Fuse BLACK
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Weight 280.00 lbs

RedwingRC & 3D aerobatic performance go hand in hand. That great performance you have come to expect also be can be enjoyed with this new EPP Full Fuse Slick 540 by Future Models. This plane combines the strength of wood construction and carbon fiber reinforcement with the durability and light weight of EPP foam. If you are looking for a new flying experience or that perfect plane to practice 3D maneuvers with then this is the plane for you!

Beginners and advanced pilots alike, get ready for a very simple build and an awesome flying experience!

The Future Models Slick 540 is a great advantage to this plane is that you can fly it as a 3D trainer (just dial down the throws) so you can practice the basics and work your way up to some very impressive maneuvers. As an advanced pilot you can practice extreme 3D maneuvers and push yourself to try new ones. The EPP Slick 540 as carbon fiber in the control surfaces making it very responsive. Flying this unique aircraft will change your life, improve your flying and will make the transition to a bigger gas plane easier than you imagine.

Jump start your flying skills and become a pro! Be one of the first to own a unique wood/EPP foam aircraft!

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*This Kit is Plane Only


  • Wingspan: 62" (mm)
  • Length:61"
  • Flying Weight: 6lb (not including battery)
  • Recommendations:
    • Motor- Dualsky 5050
    • Battery- 2s 2100
    • Servos- Power HD 1207
Future Models EPP Slick 540 Full Fuse BLACK

Future Models EPP Slick 540 Full Fuse BLACK

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6mm Custom Mounting Bracket



Redwing RC Fuel Tanks (Gas Tank)

RW-Fuel Tank