BF 110 Messerschmitt

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BF 110 Messerschmitt

BF 110 Messerschmitt
BF 110 Messerschmitt
BF 110 Messerschmitt
BF 110 Messerschmitt
BF 110 Messerschmitt
BF 110 Messerschmitt
BF 110 Messerschmitt
BF 110 Messerschmitt
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RedwingRC Plug-and-Play aircraft!

Check out this really interesting design in the Warbird series- The Messerschmitt BF-110. This is such a great plane and because its constructed with damage resistant EPO foam it is very durable and will last along time. The Messerschmitt BF-110: 2X the motors, 2X the fun!!!

This model comes with Flaps, Retracts, 2 ESCs, 2 Motors, and all the required servos. (Flaps will require a servo reverser either external or on the Transmitter). The build on this one is very easy and straight forward. The only surprise is the minimal work needed to get this plane in the air.

The twin motors will provide more than enough power and a majority of the flight can be flown at 50% throttle.

** Please note: It is important to calibrate the throttle and check the settings for both motors since this is a twin.



Key Features:

  • 6 Servos - Flaps factory installed (requires a servo reverser to use the flap servos)
  • Factory installed retracts with spring loaded retract door
  • Dual powerful dectrum motors installed
  • Spring loaded retract doors



Wingspan: 59in (1500mm)
Overall Length: 44.17in (1122mm)
Flying Weight: 1900g
Motor Size: 2 x BM 3512-850kv
Propeller: 2 x (10 x 6 x 3)
Radio / Transmitter: NOT INCLUDED (requires 6ch radio for flaps and retracts- not included)
Receiver: +5 Channel (NOT INCLUDED)
Servos: 6 servos installed ( 6 x 9g)
Speed Control : 2 x Dectrum 40Amp Installed
Battery: 14.8V 2200 mah 25C (not included)
Flight Times:

Average 5-7 Minutes

Assembly Time:

45min - 60 mins





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49.2in (1250mm) Hurricane


*Free shipping is for continental US only

RedwingRC Plug-and-Play aircraft!

The Hurricane is an exciting model to fly. You will not be disappointed because the Hurricane is highly responsive in the air and since its made with EPO foam it is very durable and will last a long time. The entire plane was designed to deliver excellent flight and stability and it does just that! Enjoy the scale appearance with retractable landing gears and navigation lights on the main wings!!! Because it is a plug-and-play aircraft all the servos, (retracts, ESC, (speed controller), brushless motors, and control surfaces are factory installed. All you will need to supply is the 5 channel radio, receiver, 4S 2600 Lipo battery and of course, charger.



Key Features:

  • EPO foam construction for great durability
  • Factory installed retracts with spring loaded retract door
  • BM3720 650kv already installed



Wingspan: 49.2in (1250mm)
Overall Length: 39.48in (1003 mm
Flying Weight: 51.6oz (1460g)
Motor Size: BM3720 650kv (Installed)
Propeller: 13 x 7 x 3 (3 bladed)
Radio / Transmitter 5 Channel (NOT INCLUDED)
Receiver +5 Channel (NOT INCLUDED)
Servos: 4 x 9g (Installed)
Speed Control : 40Amp (dectrum) - Installed
Battery: LiPo 2200 mah 14.8V (Not Included)
Flight Times

5-10 minutes

Assembly Time








SmartDesign V3 "Trouble Free" Tail Wheel Assembly


















































This tail wheel assembly is extremely efficient and reliable. With fewer parts, there is less to worry about and the solid construction makes it the go-to choice for pilots at any skill level. The new V2 design incorporates ball bearings for smooth motion, ball-joint to rudder steering connection, wider CF mounting plate, and slightly larger wheels that the v1. "Trouble Free" means just that... no more worrying about screws falling out or loss of control. Make the switch today by installing the SmartDesign Tail Wheel!!!

CNC Aluminum & C.F. Tail Wheel Assembly for 20cc to 220cc



  • Extremely Reliable
  • Mechanically Efficient Design
  • Simple and Solid Construction
  • Fewer parts needed for install
  • Ball Bearings


  • 20-40cc: $27.00
  • 50-70cc: $34.99
  • 85-120cc: $44.99
  • 150cc-220cc: $54.00


  • 20-40cc: 1.2 oz
  • 50-70cc: 1.6 oz
  • 85-120cc: 2.2 oz
  • 150cc-220cc: 2.6 oz

Don't forget to check out our Aluminum Hub Wheels! They are excellent replacements for landing gears and tail wheels. Please see sizing chart below.

Tail Wheel Chart



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