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Redwing RC offers High Performance RC Boats for those days when it is to windy to fly RC Planes!  Brushless power that will have you flying across the water at adrenaline-pumping speeds of over 45MPH to tranquil Sailboat speed!

  SKU Product Our Price
SEHREEFS59 299 Low Profile Servo Winch w/ Built in Controller $118.99 (Save 8%)
RGRB1101 Aqua Dart RTR Boat $69.99 (Save 22%)
ATK18011 Atomik Barbwire 3 RTR Brushless Self Righting Deep V 17" Racing Boat $179.99 (Save 28%)
ATK18012 Atomik Barbwire XL2 RTR Brushless 24" Self Righting Deep V Racing Boat $279.99 (Save 24%)
ATK18010 Barbwire 2 RTR Brushless Racing Boat $176.99 (Save 23%)
RGRB1205 Black Marlin Brushless RTR Boat $169.99 (Save 15%)
RGRB1130 Black Marlin MX RTR Boat $65.99 (Save 18%)
RGRB1200 Black Marlin RTR Boat $119.99 (Save 29%)
RGRB1300 Eclipse 1M RTR Sailboat $269.99 (Save 10%)
OXIOM-MDOMC-RTR Oxidean Mariine Mini-Dom Carbon Fiber Self Righting Mono RTR Rc Boat $399.99 (Save 19%)   FREE SHIPPING
OXIMDOMFG-RTR-R Oxidean Mariine Mini-Dom Fiberglass Self Righting Mono RTR RC Boat $369.99 (Save 21%)   FREE SHIPPING
KYO40110T1 RC Surfer 4 EP, w/ Battery & Charger, RTR $229.99 (Save 34%)