Bob Smith Industries Foam-Cure

Bob Smith Industries Foam-Cure

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Bob Smith Industries Foam Cure


FOAM-CURE™ is a silicone based adhesive that works very well on EPP and EPO foams. It is crystal clear and cures to a more flexible consistency than CA. It is, however, not instant bonding like CA and there is no accelerator to speed it’s curing. To obtain a faster initial bond when bonding two pieces, FOAM-CURE™ can be applied to one piece and after the two are joined, they can then be pulled apart. After letting it air dry for about ten minutes, FOAM-CURE™ will act like a contact cement when the parts are rejoined, resulting in enough tack strength to allow the next steps of assembly. Full strength is reached in 10-12 hours.

FOAM-CURE™ works with all foams, and will actually bond most other materials. It will bond wood and plastic to foam, and is a good canopy glue. FOAM-CURE™ does not, however, cure flexible enough to act as a hinge for aircraft control surfaces. Its limitations occur when bonding large areas of two non-porous materials. FOAM-CURE™ requires exposure to air for drying. If one tried to bond, for example, a half-dollar coin to glass, over 90% of the adhesive would never cure, since the solvent it contains would have no where to evaporate. A small amount of denatured alcohol can be mixed into the Foam-Cure to make it thinner.


Works Best On:

  • EPP Foam
  • EOP Foam
  • Clear Canopy
  • Paper and Crafts


Cut off tip of nozzle. Apply to one part before joining. Use tape to hold parts in place during cure. For faster curing, pull the joint apart and let Foam-Cure™ air dry for 5-10 min before rejoining the parts. This results in enough tack strength to allow the next steps of assembly. Full cure takes 10-12 hours. Foam-Cure™ works on all foams, especially on EPP and EPO, and will bond a porous surface to non-porous materials. Foam-Cure™ is also an excellent glue for clear canopies, and will also bond paper. If needed, denatured alcohol can be used to thin or clean up uncured Foam-Cure™. Replace cap after use.


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DLE Muffler Extensions

DLE Muffler Extensions


Choose from 5 sizes!

These extensions fit over the exhaust exits on your DLE muffler. Below are some size dimensions and the muffler that each will fit. It is still a good idea to measure the exits on your muffler.

FORMAT: LxW (width is inside diameter)

A: 63x15 mm : DLE 20RA

B: 64x17 mm : DLE 35RA/40

C: 78x20 mm : DLE 55RA

D: 96x25 mm : DLE 55, DLE 111, DLE 120

E: 121x31 mm : DLE 61, DLE 85

*Sold individually- if you have a twin engine, you will need two extensions

*Each Hose extension comes with a metal clamp to tightly secure it to the muffler.




Tech Aero IBEC

Tech Aero BEC



GT Power Motor Sensor Hall Tester

Description: Rcexl ignitions are supplied as standard equipment on many RC engines and any repairs or modifications may require the static timing point to be reset or checked

The RCEXL Ignition and Hall Sensor tester will allow you to check and set your static timing point as specified,It comes with a LED SHOW and audible (Buzzer) signals.

Rcexl ignition when checking over the magnet in the trigger point. Is to stop the light-emitting LED and audible buzzer to stop the moment when the ignition spark. - This kit can also be used to check the correct operation of the hall sensor and determine correct magnet orientation.


This is a timing and testing kit for RC gas engines.

This kit will allow you to check the working condition of your ignition without needing to restart the engine.

Analog engine speeds between 400 RPM ~ 20000 RPM can be used to check for interferences and radio range check.

An LED will light up when everything is working properly.

GT-Hall tester