Booma RC IntelliReg HD

Booma RC IntelliReg HD

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Quick overviewIntelliReg Dual Heavy Duty regulator with battery voltage monitoring, built-in LCD, forced cooling and joystick control.

Welcome to the worlds most intelligent regulator for Radio Controlled models and Robotics.

IntelliReg HD (Heavy Duty with fan forced cooling) was designed for giant scale RC and Robotics enthusiasts by a giant scale RC and Robotics enthusiast.

IntelliReg HD offers features never seen before in Radio Control applications in a compact, light weight and affordable package. Now you can see the voltage, monitor the voltage and make settings with ease using IntelliRegs built in joystick controller.


IntelliReg was developed using medical industrial standards and here is the specification list.

* High Quality 7oz PCB
* Mag-Lev high quality forced cooling fan (see images for details).
* High quality and long life Tantalum output filtering capacitors (see images for details).
* Stainless Steel mounting bolts (see images for details). 
* Joystick control for easy setup and system monitoring (See images for details).

Read on for the full list of features or

Click Here to Download IntelliReg Instructions

IntelliReg HD Version 2 Features:

- Microprocessor control - of 2 x independent high powered digital
  switching circuits into a high powered regulation circuit.

- Works with all RC battery chemistries.

- Regulation voltage between 4.8 and 8.4 volts (depending on battery chemistry).

- Fail Safe Switching of both batteries.

- DualBat Battery Redundancy - if a battery fails the other battery takes over.

- Battery Voltage Monitoring of each battery.

- Lowest Battery Voltage since last battery connection.

- Temperature of the internal components.

- Time of Last Flight or usage time.

- Built in Flight Log - Displays the number of flights (races etc) on your models frame.

- Selectable Battery Type - for monitoring of LifeP04, LiPo and Lion battery chemistries.

- Low Voltage Alarm via LCD indication.

- 2 x 15 Amp constant current capability with (dual 50A FETS for actual regulation).

- Micro-Power design less than 0.4mA in standby mode.

- Input Voltage 6v to 10v.

- Weight 48 grams.

- Dimensions 50mm x 69mm (2.0 x 2.7 inches).

- Works with all switches including Intelliswitch, Wallaby Switch and our Pinflag Switch.

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The MKS HV737 is a high quality digital "Coreless" Servo. It has a unique shape that works in conjunction with it's aluminum casing to dissipate heat quickly, just like heat sink would. Another great feature is the two sets of housing screws. With two sets, you can remove the top for easy access to the gears without worrying about the bottom coming apart.

This servo is equipped with a 9mm VR ultra high resolution potentiometer to provide accurate movement and holding power.

The nice thing about coreless servos is that a light weight wire mesh replaces the heavy steel core. By swapping the metal core for something lighter, this servo is able to produce quick acceleration and deceleration, smooth operation, excellent torque, fast response times, and a guarantied quality performance because it operates at low temperatures.


  • Torque:
    • 115.2 oz/in at 6V (8.3kg/cm)
    • 126.3 oz/in at 7.4V (9.1kg/cm)
    • 141.6 oz/in at 8.4V (10.2kg/cm)
  • Speed:
    • .12 sec at 6V
    • .10 sec at 7.4V
    • .09 sec at 8.4V
  • Voltage: 5.5V to 8.4V
  • Weight: 1.36 oz (38.55g)
  • Size: 1.57 x .78 x 1.45 in (40.0 x 20.0 x 37.0 mm )
  • Operating Temp >- -10~60centigrade
  • Working Frequency - 1520μs / 333hz
  • Dead Band- 0.001ms
  • 29.5 cm connector wire
  • CORELESS Motor
  • Double ball bearings
  • FET Driver
  • 9mm VR ultra high resolution potentiometer
  • Double Ball Bearings
  • All Aluminum casing (CNC machined 6061 aluminum
  • Chrome-Titanium alloy gears



Carbon Fiber Stab Tubes

RedwingRC Stab Tubes



5.8 GHz FPV Goggles with included 2S Lipo and Charger

31.5" EPP 3D Airplane YAK55 Features: • Kit version - Assemble and install your choice of electronics • All hardware accessories included in kit • Durable EPP material with realistic printing resemblance of a shark • Simple to build Specification: Wingspan: 800mm Length: 875mm Flying Weight: 400g Suggested Power System: Motor: 2212 1400KV ESC: 20A Servo: 9g *4 Propeller: SF 8-9inch Radio: more than 4CH BATT: 2S 1200-1500mAh (Not incl.) Different versions supplied as below: E1701=E17 YAK55 KIT+APC SF9047 E1702=E17 YAK55 KIT+Motor(2212 1400KV+3.5mm Banana Male Plug+3.0mm Prop Adapter) E1704=E17 YAK55 KIT+Motor+ESC(20A E-Power+3.5mm Banana Female Plug+XT60 Plug)+Servo(9g*4)