Booma RC Multi-Switch (Dual Battery Redundancy switch with Fail-Safe Tech)

Booma RC Multi-Switch (Dual Battery Redundancy switch with Fail-Safe Tech)

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Booma RC Multi-Switch (Dual Battery Redundancy switch with Fail-Safe Tech)

Booma RC

If you want a switch that offers complete dual battery balancing and redundancy with an ultra-small footprint for your scale model then look no further. The new AR Multi-Switch has taken dual redundancy battery backer switch with fail-safe technology to the next level! Why is it called the Multi-Switch? Because it comes with multi-switching options, multi input options and multi output options. So you can easily create a design that works to your exact requirements. Plus you can easily reconfigure the Multi-Switch to a PinFlag, Magnetic or remote option at any time!

All this in a stylish yet compact light weight full aluminium case for more power handling than the older dual battery hidden switch.


Built with our proven dual battery redundancy technology the AR Multi-Switch can be used with either a single or dual battery settup and is designed to power any receiver or power distribution system on the market.


With built in fail-safe technology you can have the piece of mind knowing that the AR Multi-Switch has you covered.


Slim and lightweight aluminum case the AR Multi-Switch can be mounted inside your model, creating a sleek looking finish for all models.


With technology based upon our innovative hidden switch design. The AR Mult-Switch, now in a modular form, allows for easy mixing and matching of cables to suit any and all of your model needs.


* Works with all battery chemistries, NiCD, Nimh, Lion, LiFe, LiPo or PB.
* 2S, 3S and even 4S capable.
* Dual Battery Backer Redundancy.
* Fail-Safe switching.
* Supplied with our universal Switch connector for multiple Switching Options.
* Multiple Switching Options: PinFlag, Magnetic or Remote switching.
* Single or Dual Battery input Ready.
* Multiple easy-to-change Input options; JR, Ultra, XT60 EC3 Etc.
* Multiple easy-to-change output options; JR, Ultra, XT60 EC3 Etc.
* Supplied with a bright blue remote LED for mounting anywhere in the model.
* 4 volt to 12 volt capable for those new 12 volt servos.
* 35A (30 Seconds) inputs and outputs. 

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Canister Muffler for DLE 30 OR DLE 55

This Canister is easily connected to the DLE 30 or DLE55 engine without adding much extra weight. The canister will significantly reduce the nosie of the engine, and also allow you to keep from having to cut up your cowl as much as with a muffler.

The 30cc Canister Muffler:

This muffler is designed with three levels of filters for the best sound dampening effect and feautures an oil proof converted silicone tube on the end of the muffler. The design makes this muffler very convenient for users to install them on engines.

Secure connection is ensured by the anti-skid joint on the muffler and the included installation clips.

The muffler is made of soft aluminum and is brushed into frosted texture.

Works even better than before at low to medium speeds.

Fast response.

Strong and light weight pipe.

Easy installation.

Includes mufflers, tubes, and clips.


See photos for dimensions



Dualsky XC-45-Lite ESC

Untitled Document


The new Dualsky XC-45-LITE speed control is economically priced and perfect for 2-3S LiPO powered aircraft. The Dualsky XC-45-LITE speed control is compatible with the Dualsky ProgCard V2 and has a burst rating of 60A. The BEC is rated at 5.2V 3A and will punch this out all day unlike other low priced speed controls.

This ESC works well with the Dualsky XM 3542, 950KV motor


  • Dimensions: 67x 25x 7mm(L x W x D)
  • Weight: 38g (with wires)
  • Number of Cell:
    • LiPo 2-3s, 7.4-11.1V
  • Resistance(Ri)(Ohm): 0.0026
  • Max Cont.  Current & Max Cont.Output: 45A, 500W
  • Max Burst Current & Max Burst Output: 60A, 666W
  • BEC / Dissipative Power: 5.2V/3A (Linear)
  • Programmable: Throttle + ProgCARD V2
  • Signal Wire: 300MM JR