Booma RC Pin Flag w/ Hidden Dual Battery Redundancy Switch

Booma RC Pin Flag w/ Hidden Dual Battery Redundancy Switch

Booma RC Pin Flag w/ Hidden Dual Battery Redundancy Switch
Booma RC Pin Flag w/ Hidden Dual Battery Redundancy Switch
Booma RC Pin Flag w/ Hidden Dual Battery Redundancy Switch
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The Hidden Dual Battery Redundancy switch has been replaced with the new improved modular

design known as Multi-Switch and Reg-Switch.

The Multi-Switch combines all the features of the Magnetic Switch, Pin Flag Switch and Remote Switch into a stylish new miniature aluminium cased design where you can decide the switch type in a single package. The Multi-Switch can be a Mag Switch, Pin Flag switch or Remote switch simply by changing the plug-in switch module.

The Multi-Switch has XT30 connectors and provide all industry standard choices for input and output leads. For example, Deans In and JR out or many other combinations AND as your models change you can simply change the input and output connectors without the need to solder.

Click here to take you to the all-new Multi-Switch

Also available is a regulated version of the Multi-Switch known as the Reg-Switch. The Reg-Switch offers all the features of the Multi-Switch with an added 6 volt regulated circuit.

Click here  to see the new Reg-Switch.


If you want a switch that offers complete dual battery balancing and redundancy with an ultra-small footprint for your scale model then look no further. The new Booma RC intelligent redundant battery balancing switch is the answer.

This switch works with any single or dual battery system. Works with battery chemistry and voltage range from 2.5v to 28v. It comes with a Pin Flag and Ultra Bright Blue LED which can be mounted discretely on your scale model. The Pin Flag controls the internally mounted switch and battery redundancy circuit. The result - beautiful scale appearance with dual battery redundancy peace of mind.

This new balancing technology offers zero voltage drop battery balancing and redundancy which means it can handle huge loads without generating heat. This also means your receiver and servos get all the power unlike conventional battery balancing which loses precious power as heat.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pin Flag Switch with mounting hardware.
  • 1 x Ultra Bright Blue LED with mounting hardware.
  • 1 x Dual Battery Balancing power switch circuit.
  • 2 x sets of Input and Output JR connectors.

Special order available for Input/Output connectors for additional cost.  Please email with desired connectors (Ultra inputs JR outputs or Ultra inputs and Ultra Outputs...) may take 1-2 weeks.


  • Ultra low foot print for the best scale looks.
  • Works with single or dual battery configuration.
  • Works with all battery chemistries. LiFe. LiPo, Lion, NiMh, NiCD. Battery voltage range can be from 2.5volts to 28 volts.
  • Capable of handling input voltages up to 28volts.
  •  Minimal external footprint - All you see on the outside of your model is a 3mm Pin Flag socket and (if required) an ultra-high bright Blue LED. The Pin Flag controls the internal power switch and dual battery redundancy.
  • Full Dual Battery Redundancy - If one battery fails the other battery takes full control.
  •  Maximum Battery Power Balancing - In a dual battery system HS1 draws current proportionally from both batteries while moving both batteries to a complete load balance situation. This means you get the maximum capacity out of both batteries all the time.
  • 2 x 25 amp independent circuits. HS1 is 2 x 25amp circuits into a high power matching battery redundancy circuit. HS1 actually uses 4 x 50 amp rated FET circuits for battery power matching. We passively rate HS1 at 25amps per circuit.

This Switch is configured with JR inputs and JR outputs.  Special order configurations (Ultra inputs and JR outputs or Ultra inputs and Ultra outputs) can be ordered for an additional cost (1-2 weeks).

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