Booma RC Regulator-Switch (6V Regulated Dual Battery Redundancy switch with Fail-Safe Tech)

Booma RC Regulator-Switch (6V Regulated Dual Battery Redundancy switch with Fail-Safe Tech)

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Booma RC Regulatori-Switch (6 V Regulated Dual Battery Redundancy switch with Fail-Safe Tech) 

Booma RC

The AR Reg Switch is the next level in regulator and switch design, small sleek and powerful. The Reg-Switch will take any battery type and regulate it down to 6.0v for your receiver and servos. *Also available in 5 volt and 7.2volt version by special order (email us at:

The lightweight sleek black aluminum case is designed as an integrated heatsink while also being small, compact and lightweight allowing the Reg-Switch the ability to maintain high operational loads in tough conditions. 

Built with our proven dual battery redundancy technology the AR Reg-Switch can be used with either a single or dual battery setup and is designed to power any receiver or power distribution system on the market.

With its built-in failsafe technology, you have peace of mind knowing that the AR Reg-Switch has you covered.

The AR Reg-switch with its slim, lightweight aluminum case, can be mounted inside your model, creating a sleek finished look for all model types.

The AR Reg-Switch is based upon the proven Smart BUS RRS and Smooth Flite Power stage design. The Reg-Switch is now a modular design that allows easy mixing and matching of input and output cables to suit any and all your model needs.


* Works with all battery chemistries, NiCD, Nimh, Lion, LiFe, LiPo or PB.
* Regulates to 6 volts.  (Available in 5.0 volt and 7.2volt version by special order, just email us at:
* Dual Battery Backer Redundancy.
* Fail safe switching design.
* Supplied with a universal Switch connector for multiple Switching Options: Pin Flag, Magnetic or Remote switching.
* Single or Dual Battery input Ready.
* Multiple easy-to-change Input options; JR or Deans/Ultra.
* Multiple easy-to-change output options; JR, Ultra, XT60 EC3 Etc.
* Supplied with a bright blue remote LED for mounting anywhere in the model.
* 4 volt to 12 volt capable for those new 12 volt servos.
* Burst to 20A (30 seconds) for high G maneuvers.
* Continuous 10A operation with heatsink aluminum casing (Using LiFe 2S batteries).


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