Cloud Walker 65" (1650mm) Vintage plane

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Cloud Walker 65" (1650mm) Vintage plane

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Length: 1240mm
Weight: electric flying weight 1185g
Kit Weight: 667g

Recommend Equipment:
Servo: 17g (see all RWRC servos)

Motor: The plane will fly very well so long as the Thrust is not less than 800g

  • 2215-1200KV with APC 10x5E, 30A ESC = 905g Thrust 
  • 2220-1200KV with APC 10x5E, 30A, ESC = 800g Thrust
  • 2220-1200KV with APC 11x5.5E, 30A ESC =1150g Thrust

Battery:3S 3000-5000mAh

RWRC recommended motor and ESC is the Scorpion SII-2215-1127KV (V2) with the Scorpion Commander 15V 35A ESC SBEC (V3) which will work with a 3S battery and an 10x5E or 11x5.5 E prop (RWRC can order any Falcon, XOAR or APC prop and have it drop shipped to you!).


  • Complete airframe KIT
  • Classic Old Timer Vintage Design
  • Extremely lightweight, state-of-the-art construction
  • Everything included to build the basic airframe 
  • Compatible for Electric (EP) or Gas (GP) power
  • Extensive clear full size planes and instructions
  • Only need adhesives and coverings to complete

Product List:

  • 1* Un-assembled Balsa Cloud Walker KIT:
  • Plywood sheet pack*1 1:1 installation drawing*1
  • Batten sets Operation instruction*1
  • Acrylic side window x2 PVC
  • PVC windshield 
  • Connecting rods with tube x2
  • Fitting bag
  • Undercarriage
  • Wheels x2


KIT version does not include any electronic device.
: *
: *
: *

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Aeromax Micro Balsa Wood Airplane Kit 750mm (29.5")

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Prolux PX1362 110V Electric Sealing Iron With LED Temperature Indicator

Prolux PX1362 110V Electric Sealing Iron Temperature With LED Indicator

Please contact us for information on if your plane is using Ultracote, or TruCote before ordering if you are unsure

TruCote covering is a high tech polyester covering that is sensative to heat which makes it easy to apply to your plane. It offers high adhesion, fuel proof/waterproof covering for your plane. Easy to apply using a heat gun and/or iron.

  • Specs:
  • Width: 23.5”
  • Temp to adhesion: Approximately 250 degrees F
  • Shrinkage begins: Approximately 275 degrees F
  • Maximum recommended temp: Approximately 300 degrees F

For instructions on how to apply covering here is a helpful tutorial:

Sold in 1 Foot Sections. Please select how many feet you want.

Please put what plane this is for at checkout so that we can match it!



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