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Redwing RC is an authorized Futaba, Hitec, MKS, Savox, PowerHD, BoomaRC/AR, servo dealer. If you do not see the size

and type of servo you need please email us. We can get almost any servo you need and have it shipped directly to you. 

We can also ship internationally just let us know your address so we can calculate shipping.  

Please let us know how we can help you.


  SKU Product Our Price
HRP-FUT01102172-1 FUTABA BLS173SV S.Bus Brushless High Voltage Mini Aircraft Servo .10sec/105.6oz @ 7.4V $134.99   FREE SHIPPING
HRP-FUT01102227-1 FUTABA BLS177SV S.Bus Brushless Hi-Torque Metal Gear Servo .11sec/513.9oz @ 7.4V $239.99   FREE SHIPPING
HRP-FUT01102217-1 FUTABA S148 Standard Servo .22sec/41.6oz @ 6V $19.99
HRP-FUT01102252-3 FUTABA S3010 Standard Hi-Torque Nylon Gear Servo .16sec/90.3 @ 6V $32.99
HRP-FUT01102221-3 FUTABA S3016 Mini Ball Bearing Metal Gear Servo .2sec/58.3oz @ 6V $69.99
HRP-FUT01102222-3 FUTABA S3071HV S.Bus High Voltage Standard Airplane Servo .17sec/145.9oz @ 7.4V $58.99
HRP-FUT01102176-3 FUTABA S3072HV High Voltage S.Bus Standard Airplane Servo .15sec/90.3oz @ 7.4V $49.99
HRP-FUT01102254-3 FUTABA S3107 Micro 9g Servo .12sec/17oz @ 4.8V $24.99
HRP-FUT01102219-3 FUTABA S3114 Micro Hi-Torque Servo .09sec/23.5oz @ 6V $22.99
HRP-FUT01102269-3 FUTABA S3115 Micro Hi-Torque Servo .15sec/38.9oz @ 4.8V $24.99
HRP-FUT01102220-3 FUTABA S3117 Micro Hi-Torque Servo .09sec/24oz @ 6V $26.99
HRP-FUT01102272-1 FUTABA S3151 Digital Standard Airplane Ball Bearing Servo .21sec/43.1oz @ 4.8V $27.99