GT Power Aircraft Lighting System

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GT Power Aircraft Lighting System

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GT Power Aircraft Lighting System

This lighting set has been designed for use in aircraft or helicopters and features beacon, navigation and strobe lighting.  A great way to add a level of scale realism to your models and it is extremely easy to install.  Using long life, super-bright (3 & 5mm diameter) LEDs, you will not have any trouble seeing any model they are installed in!  All LEDs or LED combinations have separate plugs so they can be moved around for different lighting combinations. 

The system can be powered from your receiver or a separate power source and is suitable for any mid-size airplane (recommended up to wing spans of 42" or so) or helicopter.


  •  LED System Control Box 1pc
  •  Red Light Set (2pcs)
  •  White Strobe Light Set (2pcs)
  •  Red Navigation Light Set (1pcs)
  •  Green Navigation Light Set (1pcs)
  •  Landing Light Set (1pcs)


  • Input voltage: 4 - 6V
  • Current: 30mA
  • Main control board size: 35x24x8mm
  • LED lead length: 600mm each
  • Weight: 35g
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30cc / 50cc Wheel Pants

Replacement wheel pants for our 30cc & 50cc planes. These work for both the sizes of planes. Please select color choice.
Sold in pairs.
Please contact us with any questions.



Charging Wire – XT60 to Banana Plug


Short 3 wire to keep tangled wires to a minimum when charging batteries outside of your plane. You can still charge the batteries inside your plane as long as you can get the charger relatively close to the wire or port. Ideal for a multi charger since you won’t have 4 or more super long wires getting tangled and twisted as you try to charge your batteries.




JST-XH and ThunderPower (TP) 2-6S Balance Board

JST-XH and ThunderPower (TP) 2-6S Balance Board

This Paraboard lets you charge and balance up to six lipo batteries at once! This board features Traxxas connectors for your batteries' main leads and JST-XH balance plugs ranging from 2S to 6S. They plug right into most popular models of 6S lipo balancing chargers that have 7-pin balance ports with 2.5mm pin spacing.

To get the most out of your Paraboard, pick up one of our GT-400 chargers. It provides 400W of total charging power and charge rates of up to 20 amps! This paraboard has a maximum charge rate of 30 amps.

Battery packs must be of the same cell count (only charge 2S with 2S, 3S with 3S, etc.) and battery voltages must be within 0.1V per cell (0.1V for 1S, 0.2V for 2S, etc.) of all other batteries connected to the Paraboard at the same time. Use a Cell Spy or similar voltage tester to check the voltage of each cell before connecting to the Paraboard.