GT2000 F5J/P5B Competition Grade CF Powered Glider (2.0M) PNP

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GT2000 F5J/P5B Competition Grade CF Powered Glider (2.0M) PNP

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GT2000 F5J/P5B Competition Grade CF Powered Glider (2.0M) PNP 

The GT2000 Powered Glider is a high-performance competition grade glider with light weight all wood construction ideal for precision competition or a gentle and relaxing flight. With its elegant wings and flowing fuselage lines it responds superbly to thermals. When required, the efficient 920kv brushless motor delivers an abundance of propulsive power to climb vertically.

Maximized strength is provided with a carbon fiber tail pipe and all-wood wings so the glider can withstand high speed precise flights setting new standards in the 2M wingspan class. The ailerons and flaps are a wide and long feature, making pin-point landings easy while also improving the launch characteristics and giving the pilot a broad performance spectrum for high speed, aerobatics and thermalling.

The planes docile flying characteristics and excellent performance in the air ensure that the GT2000 provides maximum flying pleasure, whether you are a weekend pilot or flying in a competition. You will enjoy floating through the air for long periods, as well as lively aerobatics- all with style and precision.

The model is PNP which includes servos, motor, esc and propeller all installed by the factory and is very easy to assemble with removable wings and tail halves for easy transport. Just a small amount of final assembly is required to be out and flying.

Light weight construction.
Easy to assemble
Electronics & Propeller included

Wing Span: 1990MM
Length: 1110MM
Wing Area: 31.9dm2
Flight Weight: 670g
Servos: 9g*6 (included)
Motor: 2212 KV920 (included)
Esc: 20A (included)
Propeller: 8*6 (included)
Battery: 3S 11.1V 1300mAh (required)

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Miracle Fuel Filling Nozzle

Miracle long fuel filling nozzle with fuel filter.
Available in Red, Gold, and Blue.
Please make a note of your color choice.



MULTIPLEX (MPX) Dual Servo Harness 12" Male 12" Female (2 Channels 1 Plug) 20 AWG









































































































Male Deans to Male XT60 Connector

With this Deans to XT connector you can convert a battery with T-Plug to XT-60 on ESC / charger
The connector has many applications and can be used for charger adapter.


  • Male Deans T style plug to Male XT60
  • Durable design
  • Heatshrink seal



Miracle Small Fuel Plug

Miracle Fuel Dot Stopper/Fuel Filler Nozzle for RC Fuel Line Systems

Material: Aluminum with Rubber O-Ring

Dimensions: See Picture (2 per pack)

Specify color.