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General Accessories

Redwing RC is an authorized Pulse, GensAce/Tattu and ONBO Power Battery dealer. If you do not see the size and type

of Pulse, GensAce/Tattu or ONBO battery you need please email us. We can get any Pulse, GensAce/Tattu or ONBO

battery you need and have it shipped directly to you.  We can also ship internationally just let us know your address

so we can calculate shipping.  Please let us know how we can help you.


  SKU Product Our Price
SS-Hinge 10 Pack Hinges (Robart Style) $3.59
Rccskj-UBEC-2109 2-in-1 15A UBEC and Digital Display Switch $21.99 (Save 15%)
RCCSKJ-5A-UBEC-Switch-2108 2-in-1 5A UBEC Digital Voltage Switch $17.99 (Save 18%)
Rccskj-Dbl swtch-display-2124 2-in-1 Dual Power Switch w/digital display $16.99 (Save 6%)
Rccskj-UBEC-8106 20A UBEC $39.99 (Save 20%)
RCCSKJ-HV-Switch-CDI-Kill-2107 3-in-1 HV Switch with Digital Voltmeter and CDI Ignition switch $21.99 (Save 27%)
RCCSKJ-Switch-Meth-ignitor-2106 3-in-1 Methanol Nitro Ignition with HV Switch and Digital Voltmeter $21.99 (Save 27%)
EX-4func-charge-adapter 4-Function Charge Adapter to Male 4mm Bullets (XT60, XT90, EC3, EC5) $11.99 (Save 40%)
EX-5func-charge-adapter 5-Function Charge Adapter to Male 4mm Bullets (XT60, XT90, EC3, EC5 plus Deans) $12.99 (Save 35%)
EX-HRP-RCE1625 5-Function Mini/Micro Charge Adapter to Male 4mm Bullets $9.99 (Save 23%)
SS-PR-20 Adjustable Push Rods $3.95
AP-EX Airopult Plane Restraint Extensions $29.99