HLK-31 Land and Sea 630mm Turbo Prop Jet w/Auto-return 3D Stunt RTF

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HLK-31 Land and Sea 630mm Turbo Prop Jet w/Auto-return 3D Stunt RTF

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SKU HLK-31-Black
Manufacturer Redwing RC

HLK-31 X-6 Land and Sea 630mm Turbo Prop Jet w/Auto-return 3D Stunt RTF

Do you feel the need for speed? Check out this unique 3-1 Sea, Land and Air turbo prop jet! This is a High Speed Turbo Prop Sport 3D Jet that will takeoff and land on the water or land (launch from cement or asphalt road, sand stone land, park lawn, water, etc., can also be hand thrown)...How cool is that?! If that is not enough this jet also has an optional GPS so with a flip of a switch has an auto-return function or if loss of signal will return home. Plus 2 flight modes: 3-D mode and Flight Control (FC) stabilized mode. With the balanced Flight Controller pilots can perform 3D maneuvers like, 360 degree flips, front flip, back flip, and roll. The HLK-31 is constructed with EPO crash resilient foam and it is pre-painted saving you time. If that's not enough, all waterproof servos, turbo prop, and ESC are factory pre-installed. This airplane is designed for High-Speed flying which is made possible with a powerful Brushless Motor for High-Performance flying. In case you were wondering, this model is one of the fastest EPO Turbo Prop jets on the market. And finally, it comes with 2 LED bars that are already pre-wired and can be attached to the leading edge of the wings for some spectacular night flying! Complete RTF bundle with everything in the box. With its built in gyro system for rock solid flight stabilization and optional GPS that offers auto return to home. It flies absolutely great right out of box without having to do any additional setup. Its very beginner friendly with its built in flight stabilization system and offers plenty of flight time on single 3S 1500mAh battery.

Key Features:

  • Powerful 2212KV-2450 brushless motor
  • 40A Brushless ESC and waterproof servos
  • Special high-density, durable waterproof EPO foam material...The entire aircraft is waterproof! (video shows pilot stand and bounce on the plane then launches it!)
  • Takeoff from land or water (Speed boat or plane!)
  • Easy to build...just glue on wings and tail (glue included)
  • LEDs for night flying
  • GPS with one button return to home (optional)
  • Gyro stabilizer Flight Control


  • Material : EPP
  • Wingspan : 630mm
  • Fuselage : 950mm
  • Take OFF Weight : 500g, max. 700g
  • Flight Distance : 1.5km
  • Remote Control Transmitter : 2.4Ghz 6CH 
  • Flight Control : XIUXIU FC *1
  • Flight Mode : GPS auto-return, 3D mode, FC mode  (GPS is optional)
  • Motor : 2212KV-2450 brushless motor*1
  • ESC : 40A esc*1
  • Servo : waterproof sevo 9g *3
  • Propeller : 6040 2 blade *1 (plus extra spare prop)
  • Battery : 3S 11.1V 25C 1500mAh*1
  • Charger : 3S balance charger*1

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Servo Safety Clips

10 pack of servo safety clips. Made to retain your servo wires to keep them from slipping off during flight.

A must have to to ensure your servo connectors stay securely connected.

Packs of 10:



Large Scale Opto Kill for Magneto Engines RCEXL

The Optical Kill Switch for gas rc planes, allows you to safely and remotely kill your electronic ignition. It is Fiber Optically Coupled to isolate your ignition system from your radio system so there is NO interference


  • Includes a remote mountable bright LED to indicate when the ignition is armed.
  • Fiber Optic coupled input/output.
  • Li-Po/Li-lon/A123/Ni-Mh/NiCad Input.
  • Up to 20 Volt 16 amp MOS-FET(IRF7456) output.
  • Low to 3Volt 3amp output.
  • Low Voltage Drop-Less than 150mv.
  • 100% Surface Mount Technology.
  • Heavy Gauge Wires,universal connectors.
  • Small and light weight –only 0.3 OZ!(8g)
  • Reverse Bettery input protection.
  • Shut down the transmitter power or receiver to cut off automatically when kill engine



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