Miracle Low Profile 3D Spinner (DLE 30 and DLE 55)

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Miracle Low Profile 3D Spinner (DLE 30 and DLE 55)

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Miracle Low Profile 3D Spinner (DLE 30 and DLE 55)

3D solid light weight spinner made with high quality 6061 anodized aluminum. Holes pre-drilled for DLE30/55, DA50/ EVO54. Perfect spinner for aerodynamic low profile without the weight and size of a regular spinner.


  • Material: aluminum 6061 anodized color
  • Diameter (D1): 40mm
  • Aperture (D2): 10mm
  • Height (H): 32mm D3=5.5mm D4=4.5mm L1=31mm L2=27mm
  • Net Weight: 40g
  • Suitable for DLE30, DLE55, DA50, EVO54 Gas Engines

Avaiable in Blue or Red, make color choice when purchasing.

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Miracle Universal Gas Engine Wrench

Miracle Universal Gas Engine Wrench

  • Miracle Aluminum Alloy Wrench 14mm For CM6 Spark Plug and 3mm/4mm Hex Key for Gas Engine RC Airplane Model Parts 



Muffler Silencer for DLE 30


Do you want a more SCALE engine purr?! Look no further, these DLE Muffler Silencers will give that throaty sound to your engine with very little muss or fuss. This DLE Muffler Silencer significantly reduces the high pitched noise of the DLE 30 and makes it sound more scale - and they hardly increase the temperature of your cylinder head.

This unit ONLY works on the DLE 30.

Simply press fit the silencer in place and then hold with the included silicone tubing and zip ties - or drill a hole and install a screw - either way installation is easy - and these bad boys don't go anywhere! Friction alone helps keep them in place.

This silencer is a simple way to reduce the noise level of your rc engine without compromising the quality or performance - and at OUR price?! Simply cannot be beat.

Sold Individually! RA's or others with 2 exhaust pipes will need 2




Miracle Felt Fuel Clunk

Miracle Felt Fuel Clunk

Fuel clunks are a must for aerobatic flying. It insures that fuel is always flowing to the engine because the fuel line will follow gravity inside your tank. Without one, you increase the chance that plane may stall when flying inverted or performing different maneuvers. Installing a fuel clunk is simple to install and an investment that any serious pilot should make.


.4 oz



Miracle Prop Nut M8x1 for DLE20

Miracle Prop Nut M8x1 for DLE20


  • Scale prop nut M8*1
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Silver
  • Suitable for DLE20 /Enya FS120/ all YS 4 stroke Engines