Prolux PX1362 110V Electric Sealing Iron With LED Temperature Indicator

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Prolux PX1362 110V Electric Sealing Iron With LED Temperature Indicator

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Prolux PX1362 110V Electric Sealing Iron with LED Temperature Indicator

The Prolux brand Sealing Irons are known for their superior quality and this iron is one of the best Electric Sealing Irons on the market with enhanced design, safety features and LED Tempearture Indicator. The upgraded iron shoe makes the covering process easier making this the perfect iron for any heat shrink film or fabric covering job! (See our TruCote covering and other film coverings)


  •  Precise digital temperature control from 100 to 220℃ (or 212 to 428℉).
  •  LCD displays accurate current temperature of shoe.
  •  Able to switch bwtween Celsius temperature to Fahrenheit temperature.
  •  Enhanced thermostatic-control-accuracy.
  •  Perfect for any heat shrink film or fabric covering.
  •  Updated iron shoe makes the covering process easier.
  • Teflon coated shoe prevents scratching.
  • Mteal Safety stand and iron sock included.
  • Ergonimic design and special TPR material handle provides a comfortable fit.
  • Saftey switch will disable the Iron automatically after 6 hours use.

For instructions on how to apply covering here is a helpful tutorial:

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: *
: *

Zap-A-Gap CA+ Glue 4oz 2oz and 1oz (Green Label)
























Bob Smith Industries CA Glue

Super-Gold+™ Odorless, CA

SUPER-GOLD™ and SUPER-GOLD+™ are our odorless INSTA-CURE CAs They are non-frosting and take only 2 or 3 seconds longer to bond. There are no fumes that irritate the nose and eyes. The SUPER-GOLD™’s do not attack white foam; therefore, they can be used in the building of foam core wings and the assembly and repair of plastic and foam ARF’s. They will not fog clear plastic. SUPER-GOLD+™ is ideal for attaching clear canopies in plastic model kits; however, MAXI-CURE™ is still recommended for assembling the rest of plastic kits. Wood can be bonded to white foam with SUPER-GOLD +™ in less than fifteen seconds. For bonding foam to foam, spray a very light fog of INSTA-SET™ to one piece and apply SUPER-GOLD+™ to the other before joining. Excess INSTA-SET™ may create too much heat, which can melt the foam. Both SUPER-GOLD™’s cure to a more flexible consistency for better shock absorbtion. Whenever a large amount of CA is to be used in such applications as saturating fiberglass or Kevlar, SUPER-GOLD™ eliminates the irritating fumes from the evaporating monomer that make repeated use of CA unpleasant at times.


Works Best On:

  • Rubber
  • White Foam

Works Good On:

  • Balsa Wood
  • Soft Wood
  • Hard Wood
  • Glass & Metal
  • Fiberglass
  • Ceramics
  • Hard Plastics
  • Laminating
  • Water-Resistant
  • Reinforcing
  • CA Hinges


Avaliable in 2oz and 3/4 Pocket Size.

Pocket CAs feature a new top that has a pin built into the cap that covers the nozzle. This pin seals the bottle so that if it is tipped over, the bottle will not leak. This makes the Pocket CAs ideal for keeping in your tool or field box, just like our IC-Gel. One disadvantage that the new Pocket CA top has is the bluntness of the nozzle. This makes it more difficult to apply small amounts of the CA, especially in tight places. From the feedback we have received, it appears about 25-30% of users prefer the new Pocket CA top, which means that over 70% prefer our standard top for general bonding purposes. Most users are buying both types. Our original top for the workshop, and the Pocket CA for use out in the field. The 3/4 oz. Pocket CAs are available in BSI's Insta-Cure, Insta-Cure+, Maxi-Cure and Super-Gold+. BSI's new extender tip #304 works on the Pocket CA.


Click to Download Safety Data Sheet



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