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Props and Spinners

Redwing RC is an authorized Falcon, APC and Tru-Turn Prop and Spinner Retailer. If you do not see the size

and type of Prop or Spinner you need please email us. We can get almost any Prop or Spinner you need and have it

shipped directly to you. We can also ship internationally just let us know your address so we can calculate shipping. 

Please let us know how we can help you.


  SKU Product Our Price
SP-CF-Silver 3.75" Painted CF Spinner-Silver $43.99
QX-Prop adapter 2mm Aluminum Bullet Propeller Adapters (2mm-5mm) $3.99
APCE-20X11 APC 20 x 11 Electric Prop $16.99
APCE-24X12 APC 24 x 12 Electric Prop $28.99
APCE-16X10 APCE 16x10 Prop $8.99
QX-20325-CF Prop Balancer CF Magnetic Propeller Balancer for Airplane/Quadcopter $11.99
DLP-DJ-30/35/40 DLE Prop Drill Guide DLE30 DLE35RA DLE40T $17.99 (Save 10%)
DLP-DJ-120 DLE Prop Drill Guide DLE85 DLE111 DLE120 $21.99 (Save 12%)
DUB499 DU-BRO Tru-Spin Prop Balancer $39.85
Dub-2blade-Spnr-2.0-Black DuBro Spinner (2-Blade) $7.99
Dub-3blade-Spnr-2.0-Black DuBro Spinner (3-Blade) $9.99
Mejz-prop-18x6 Mejzlik 2 Blade Carbon Fiber Props $66.00