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RCCSKJ Accessories

Power Boards, Kill Switches, and UBECs

  SKU Product Our Price
Rccskj-UBEC-2109 2-in-1 15A UBEC and Digital Display Switch $21.99 (Save 15%)
RCCSKJ-5A-UBEC-Switch-2108 2-in-1 5A UBEC Digital Voltage Switch $17.99 (Save 18%)
Rccskj-Dbl swtch-display-2124 2-in-1 Dual Power Switch w/digital display $16.99 (Save 6%)
Rccskj-UBEC-8106 20A UBEC $39.99 (Save 20%)
RCCSKJ-HV-Switch-CDI-Kill-2107 3-in-1 HV Switch with Digital Voltmeter and CDI Ignition switch $21.99 (Save 27%)
RCCSKJ-Switch-Meth-ignitor-2106 3-in-1 Methanol Nitro Ignition with HV Switch and Digital Voltmeter $19.90 (Save 34%)
RCCSKJ-SW-UBEC-CDI-2122 3-in-1 UBEC/CDI Kill Switch with Dual LED color Voltage Alarm $19.95 (Save 13%)
RCCSKJ-SW-3S-6102 3S Li-ion Battery Controllable Power Switch $4.99 (Save 29%)
RCCSKJ-SW-CDI-Kill-4112 CDI Remote Kill Switch $15.95 (Save 20%)
rccskj-PB-light Deluxe Power Board LED light $4.99
Rccskj-DP-switch-2105 Distribution Panel (Power Board) Switch with Voltmeter $14.99 (Save 17%)
Rccskj-Double-switch-3105 Dual Power Switch w/Charge Ports $14.99 (Save 17%)