RCGF 30CC Twin SE Gas Engine

RCGF 30CC Twin SE Gas Engine

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NEW RCGF 30cc twin SE
Smooth operation — Smaller size

RCGF high end series 30cc twin SE (Stinger Engines) , you can get more smooth fly experience. It’s small, powerful and easy starting,It’s your very good choice for small size twin cylinder engine
Engine size 
30cc T small

30 T small


RCGF 30cc T

  1. Parameter:
  2. Type : 2 cycle piston valve type gasoline engine for airplane 
  3. Piston displacement Cylinder (cc) : 30cc (1.83 cu in)
  4. Bore x Stroke (mm): 1.26 in(32mm) x 0.77 in (19.6mm)
  5. Carburetor : Walbro
  6. Ignition : DC-CDI (Computer Controlled auto advance,
  7. electronic ignition system)
  8. Power supply: 6-8.4V
  9. Maximum Output :3.7HP /7500rmp
  10. Requires: Gasoline, 2-cycle oil, ignition battery & propeller
  11. speed rang : 1500-8500rpm
  12. Gasoline-Version : Pre-mixed Fuel, 25-40 (Gasoline):1 ,
  13. Recommend:30:1
  14. (90% high otcane unleaded gasoline, Import gas into carbon
  15. fiber installations valves)
  16. Lubrication Oil : 2 cycle engine oil 
  17. Propeller : 18X8 7500rpm (Standard Two leafs prop)
  18. Suggested Propellers: 18x8, 18x10, 19x8 & 20x8
  19. Suggested Break-in Prop: 18X8
  20. Sparking plug: 1/4-32 SIZE or equivalent
  21. Cooling System : Air Cooled
  22. RCGF engine package Includes: electronic CDI ignition,
  23. muffler, spark plug, gaskets, bolts, throttle arm extension & manual.
    All spare parts are same as before except the cylinder with angled plugs and small size spark plugs from Feb. 2017 .

Weight :

  1. Engine: 2.03 lb (923 g)
    2XMuffler: 2.71 oz (77 g)
    Ignition Module: 5.1 oz (145 g)
    Total: Weight: 2.53 lb (1145 g)

Technical Data:

  1. Ignition Battery: 4.8-8.4 NiCd or NiMH, 6.6V LiFe or 2S LiPo pack
    Gasoline/Oil Mix: 30:1
    Replacement Spark Plug: 1/4-32 SIZE or equivalent
    dle Speed: 1500 rpm/min
    Static Thrust:
    17.2 lb (7.8 kg) @ 328 ft (100 m) altitude
    15.9 lb (7.2kg) @ 5,900 ft (1800 m) altitude 
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Spot On 1" Servo Arm

Untitled Document

High Quality 1" Aluminum servo arm from Spot-On RC

Spot On Servo Arms are made of high quality 7075-T6 aluminum, one of the highest strength alloys available for this purpose.  They feature an ultra secure double lock design, keeping your servo arm secure and eliminating any slop between the main servo gear and the arm.  Spot On Servo Arms are also sand blasted and anodized for a beautiful appearance.

Spot on offers their servo arms in many sizes, threads and gear output compatibility.  Spot On arms are offered in:
M3, or #4-40 holes, so you can use ball links that are metric or standard Futaba, Hitec or JR compatible gear mesh. Sizes ranging from 1” to 2” for single arms and 2.5” to 4.5” for rudder arms.

Available colors are Black or Silver

Spot On RC Servo Arms are measured from the center hole of the servo to the outermost hole (for example, a 1” arm is exactly 1” from hole center to hole center).  However the larger sizes offer the option of one or two more additional inner holes so you can use them for future projects or fine tune your ratios.

Redwing RC only offers the V2, upgraded version, with stronger aluminum and finer design.  No matter which Spot On RC Servo Arms you choose you will be sure to experience problem free set up and operation with these high quality servo arms.



EPP BAT Airplane 40.6" (1030MM) Wingspan

31.5" EPP 3D Airplane YAK55 Features: • Kit version - Assemble and install your choice of electronics • All hardware accessories included in kit • Durable EPP material with realistic printing resemblance of a shark • Simple to build Specification: Wingspan: 800mm Length: 875mm Flying Weight: 400g Suggested Power System: Motor: 2212 1400KV ESC: 20A Servo: 9g *4 Propeller: SF 8-9inch Radio: more than 4CH BATT: 2S 1200-1500mAh (Not incl.) Different versions supplied as below: E1701=E17 YAK55 KIT+APC SF9047 E1702=E17 YAK55 KIT+Motor(2212 1400KV+3.5mm Banana Male Plug+3.0mm Prop Adapter) E1704=E17 YAK55 KIT+Motor+ESC(20A E-Power+3.5mm Banana Female Plug+XT60 Plug)+Servo(9g*4)



Male EC5 Losi to Female TRX Traxxas Adapter Connector

Male EC5 Losi to Female TRX Traxxas Adapter Connector









Male Deans to Male XT60 Connector

With this Deans to XT connector you can convert a battery with T-Plug to XT-60 on ESC / charger
The connector has many applications and can be used for charger adapter.


  • Male Deans T style plug to Male XT60
  • Durable design
  • Heatshrink seal