Red Line Synthetic Oil

Red Line Synthetic Oil

Red Line Synthetic Oil
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Finally you have somewhere you can get Red Line's Synthetic 2-Stroke oil! The owner of Redwing RC has been suggesting it to you for a long time and now you can finally experience this great quality oil for your engine with super convenience.

You won't find a smoother, cleaner and better lubricating oil out there for the price. It's the only one Redwing trusts to fuel their birds!

It contains ester base oils with the highest film strength and affinity for hot metal,provides the lubricating qualities of castors, but with exceptional cleanliness (less grease!) and the LOW carbon residue dramatically reduces plug fouling and smoke. It's also compatible with reformulated fuels and each product works in both premix or injection systems. Sounds great, right?! We definitely think so.

Suggested ratio is 50:1 but is useful up to 100:1 depending on operating conditions.

Dyno proven for gains of 3-5% and more power over longer runs, High-temp stability prevents deposits on combustion chambers, exhaust ports, upper ring, and piston crown!

Wow.. what more could we really offer you? What are you waiting for? no more running bad quality oil through your shiny engines - pick up Red Line oil from Redwing RC today for LESS!



  • Provides conventional motor oils with antiwear additives like zinc and phosphorus (ZDDP) necessary to protect against camshaft and valve train damage on break-in
  • Allow pistons rings to seat properly with less-slick oil, while antiwear additives protect other engines components to avoid excessive wear
  • Can also be used in conventional and synthetic oils during regular operation, providing an extra package of protection otherwise not found in most motor oils
  • 16oz bottle treats up to 12 quarts of motor oil--in many cases, one bottle can serve two engines or oil changes


More Info:

  • Reformulated for improved frictional properties
  • Special detergents for improved lubricity and less detonation
  • Polyol ester base stocks provide more stability and film strength when exposed to excess fuel dilution
  • Each of these products has no less than 2200ppm of zinc and phosphorus for antiwear
  • Each race oil product is a multi-grade, offering 2-4% more power than oil of a similar viscosity - 20WT is a 5W20, 30WT is a 10W30, 40WT is a 15W40, 50WT is a 15W50
  • Improved protection at startup, lower oil temp, cleanliness
  • Remember to change these oils more frequently than regular motor oils


Technical Information:

Increases antiwear level per quart when using One Bottle (16oz.):

Capacity - Phosphorus - Zinc
15 quarts - 610 ppm - 736 ppm
12 quarts - 763 ppm - 920 ppm
10 quarts - 915 ppm - 1104 ppm
8 quarts - 1145 ppm - 1380 ppm
7 quarts - 1307 ppm - 1577 ppm
6 quarts - 1525 ppm - 1840 ppm
5 quarts - 1830 ppm - 2208 ppm
4 quarts - 2288 ppm - 2760 ppm
1 quart - 9160 ppm - 11040 ppm

Half Bottle (8oz.) when treating:

Capacity - Phosphorus - Zinc
12 quarts - 382 ppm - 460 ppm
10 quarts - 458 ppm - 552 ppm
8 quarts - 572 ppm - 690 ppm
6 quarts - 763 ppm - 920 ppm
5 quarts - 915 ppm - 1104 ppm
4 quarts - 1145 ppm - 1380 ppm

One Quarter Bottle (4oz) when treating:

Capacity - Phosphorus - Zinc
6 quarts - 382 ppm - 460 ppm
5 quarts - 458 ppm - 552 ppm
4 quarts - 572 ppm - 690 ppm
3 quarts - 763 ppm - 920 ppm

Bottle (16oz) contains: 
33.8 grams total ZDDP (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate)
17,000 ppm, 7.8 grams Phosphorus (P)
20,500 ppm, 9.4 grams Zinc (Zn)
16.6 grams Sulphur (S)

Available in 16oz and 1 Gallon

Download Safety Data Sheet Here

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Smoke Muffler for DLE 30


Check our this easy-to-install smoke muffler that makes it simple to add some aerobatic fun with a 30cc sized plane. Fits DLE engine as well as many others with similar exhaust ports.

Includes Muffler and related hardware for installation.




Hitec Optima9 - 9 channel 2.4ghz Receiver

















Designed for larger aircraft, the Optima 9 features two of our exclusive Boosted Omni-Directional Antennas for added safety and security.


Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology (AFHSS) The Optima 9 utilizes our AFHSS 2.4GHz technology and our exclusive Smart Scan system to ensure a rock solid, interference free connection. When selected, Hitec's 2.4GHz SmartScan function scans the 2.4GHz spectrum to find the cleanest channels in which to operate, therefore providing interference free operation even in the most crowded environments.

Dual Boosted Omni Directional Antenna (BODA) The Optima 9 receiver utilizes two of our exclusive BODA antennas to insure a rock solid connection between you and your plane. Independent testing has proven that the Dual BODA antenna system used in our 9 channel receiver is equal to or better than our competitor's remote receiver or quad antenna systems.

Supplementary Power Connection (SPC) With our Supplementary Power Connection you can eliminate "brown out" concerns by powering the receiver independently of the servos.

  • Dual Boosted Omni-Directional Antenna (BODA) System
  • SmartScan Mode Selectable
  • Full Telemetry Capable
  • Basic Telemetry Function : RX Low Battery Warning
  • Range Check Mode (Reduced output to approx. 30M range)
  • Fail-safe/Hold Function
  • Software & Firmware upgradable

Download the Manual




Miracle Metal Gas Station (2.5 and 5 gallon)

Detailed pictures are the 10L station

This Gas Station comes with everything you need to "Pass Gas"! After easy assembly, just connect the included battery (9.9v 3S 2100mah), add fuel and you are ready to go.  The steel can and large foot print make this one of the safest gas can in the industry and also comes with a bleed screw for pressure release.

Contents of the Miracle Gas Station:

  • 2.5 or 5.0 gallon steel safety can with large footprint for extra stability
  • 3 feet of recoil fuel lines for easy and quick fueling
  • 9.9v 3S 2100mah battery
  • Miracle CNC Fuel Pump with On/off and reversable flow switch (magnet allows pump to be placed on metal can)
  • Miracle Fuel Tank Cap with Ball Switch Valve for safe storage and transport
  • Filter clip and Fuel Line clip
  • Miracle long fuel filling nozzle with filter
  • Miracle In-Tank filter Clunk
  • Miracle in-line Filter
  • Triple filtration provided with In-Tank Pick-Up Clunk w/ filter, In-Lne Fuel Filter and filter in filling nozzle
  • High quality steel tank, tidy good looking design
  • Powerful, quiet pump provides fueling and defueling with high flow rate


  • 390 x 240 x 215mm 10L (15.5 x 9.5 x 8.5in 2.5 gallon) 
  • Empty weight 10L- 3.1kg (6.8 lbs)  

***this new fueler is metal and not plastic for safety reasons***

***Battery case and voltage LCD display not part of this kit***