SAB Goblin 570 Sport Electric Helicopter Kit - Yellow

SAB Goblin 570 Sport Electric Helicopter Kit - Yellow

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The Goblin 570 Sport is an evolution from the original Goblin 570.

The new Goblin 570 Sport features an "F3C style" landing gear, similar to the landing gear that comes with the Goblin Thunder Sport 700, as well as a more affordable canopy and boom in a great new scheme. This kit comes with a new "Series S" SAB main and tail blades!
Utilizing the HPS (High Precision Head System) Flybarless Head, a strong main gear, Gates GT3 belts and a 10mm one way bearing, the Goblin 570 delivers precision control and reliable power delivery from either a 6S or 12S power system. The kit includes blades, a battery strap and a 21 tooth motor pulley, so just add your electronics and get ready for a completely unique Goblin experience.

The updated Sport Line now offers high visibility Neon Paint, providing a visually pleasing and confidence inspiring styling for all aspects of flight.


HPS FBL System (High Precision Head System)
10mm high strength steel main shaft
8mm high strength steel spindle shaft
G10 Frames - Lower Cost!
F3C Style Landing Gear
Fiberglass Lightweight Canopy (160g)
Updated Tail Belt Tensioning System
"S Series" Main and Tail Blades
Stronger main gear, Gates GT3 motor belts, 10mm one-way bearing
Aluminum tail case for increased stiffness
Dampened tail system for increased vibration tolerance
Compatible with 6S or 12S battery setups
Battery tray with lock system
Full carbon boom
Dampened tail system
Nylon bolt break-away system to preserve the boom during a crash
Aluminum ESC support
Standard size cyclic servos
Standard size tail servo
Canopy saver, protects the canopy edges from scuffing


    Main rotor diameter:  1278 mm (with 570 mm blades) 
    Main blade length: 550 to 575mm 
    Tail rotor diameter: 260 mm 
    Tail blade length: 95 mm 
    Main shaft diameter: 10 mm 
    Spindle shaft diameter: 8 mm 
    Weight including electronics: 2400 g (excluding batteries

Recommend RC Components:

    Swashplate Servo: BK DS-7002HV, MKS
    Tail Servo: BK DS-7006HV; Futaba BLS276 SV, MKS HBL 960
    Flybarless-System: Vstabi Neo; Axon, Microbeast

Recommend Electric Power:

    Brushless ESC:sab-goblin-570-sport-line-main-gear-woh.png
    - 6S Setup: Scorpion Tribunus 06-120A SBEC, YGE-135LVT, Hobbywing 120A, Kontronik Jive 100 LV
    - 12S Setup: Scorpion Tribunus 12-130A SBEC, YGE-120HVT, Hobbywing 130A, Jive Pro 120
    - 6S Setup: Scorpion HKIII-4025-1100, XNOVA 4020-1200 (B & A), Pyro 650-103,  KDE 550XF-1200-G3
    - 12S Setup: Scorpion HKIII-4025-550, XNOVA 4025-560 (B & A), Pyro 650-62,  KDE 550XF-565-G3
    Lipo Batteries:
    6S Setup: 6S 5000-5500 mAh
    12S Setup: 12S 2600-3300 mAh

Goblin 570 Sport Line Kit
Battery Tray w/Straps
570mm "S Series" main blades
95mm "S Series" tail blades




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Miracle RC - Electric Fuel Pump

This Miracle RC Fuel pump is a MUST have accessory. Saves you time and elbow grease when filling up your tank. The case is CNC process 6061, and it has a hardened pump barrel. It has a magnet on the outside, so you it can stick right onto metal containers!

The gears are fuel proof nylon, and fiberglass filled
The gear shaft is stainless steel
Japaneese oil seals
The end-seal O-ring is made of butadience-acrylonitrile rubber - so it can be used with nitro, gas, or even kerosene
volatage: 7.2 to 12V
Flow rate: 1000ml/min at 11.1V
Includes a filtered nozzle and clunk




Dual Power Switch w/Charge Ports & Fuel Dot

Replacement Switch and wire for Miracle switches.

With this switch and wire, you can easily replace a switch in a Miracle RC product. Perfect for if you have a crash and you want to be sure the switch is in perfect working condition. Or if you accidently damage your Miracle switch while working with it.

Just simply unscrew your old Miracle switch, loosen the grub screw that holds the plastic plug, and place the new one in. In about 5 minutes you'll have a brand new conditioned Miracle switch



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