SAB Goblin 700 Thunder Sport - Havok Edition

SAB Goblin 700 Thunder Sport - Havok Edition

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SAB Goblin Thunder Sport 700 - Havok Edition.

The Thunder SPORT Havok 3 blades edition is agile, smooth and stable.

Delivering maximum FUN for your money with lower than every canopy, boom and side frame cost, providing the best solution while delivering consistent performance in line with the Thunder Family.

The Thunder Sport is all about Fun and performance!


Main and tail blades are INCLUDED

  • Main rotor diameter: 1582 mm with 690 mm size blades
  • Tail rotor diameter: 305 mm with 115 mm size tail blades
  • Air frame weight: 3000 grams
  • Approximate weight RTF: 5400 grams
  • Cyclic Servos: Standard size (40mm)
  • Tail Servo: Standard size (40mm)
  • Typical battery setup: 12S - 5000mAh, (from 4500 to 5500)
  • Typical ESC setup: 160A Esc
  • Typical Motor setup: 520 Kv
  • Battery compartment: 60x58x350mm.
  • Motor size: Maximum 64mm diameter, maximum height 64mm.

Kit Includes:
  • Motor Pulley 21T
  • 2 Sets Battery Tray

Step up to the insane Havok Edition of the Goblin 700 Thunder Sport, featuring the awesome Antarctic Edition "Havok" livery that will stand out on the flight line and in the skies above.

Featuring a fully matte black 3 bladed main & tail rotor system, the Goblin 700 Thunder Sport Havok Edition has been designed for brutal 3D heli performance, which has been fully optimized via the ultra high performance 3 bladed main & tail rotor system. With 3 rotor blades in the mix, the Thunder Sport Havok harnesses every last molecule in the air, providing ultra rapid cyclic, pitch & yaw responses due to the additional rotor blade utilized within the main & tail rotor system. 

Featuring weight & cost savings within the new Sport line up, SAB utilizes a light weight fiberglass canopy, ultra strong G10 side frames, a brand new lower cost carbon fiber tail boom, and a fully redesigned landing gear system that provides greater levels of stability & ease for both takeoffs & landings.

Specified with SAB's ultra performance HPS3 3 bladed rotor system, the Goblin Thunder Sport Havok Edition is the ultimate 3D weapon that is ready for your heli arsenal. With a killer look and a deadly style, the Havok is no doubt the ultimate "must have" SAB machine.


- Insane "Havok Edition" SAB Antarctic Color Scheme
- Stealthy Matte Black Main & Tail Rotor System
- Ultra Performance HPS 3 Bladed Main Rotor
- High Torque 3 Bladed Tail Rotor System
- Feather Light Fiberglass Canopy
- Newly Designed Carbon Tail Boom System
- Ultra Strong G10 Side Frames
- Incredibly Stable Redesigned Landing Gear Layout
- Intense 3D Capability
- Massively Robust Dual Stage Drive Train
- Brutal Belt Drive Durability


Main Rotor Blades: 690mm
Tail Rotor Blades: 115mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 1568mm (690mm Rotor Blades)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 305mm
Main Shaft Diameter: 12mm
Tail Shaft Diameter: 6mm
Spindle / Feather Shaft Diameter: 10mm
Gear Ratios: 8.6:1 - 11.9:1
All Up Weight: TBA
Motor Pulley Shaft Diameter: 6mm / 8mm
Main Rotor Range: 690mm - 710mm


(1) SAB Goblin 700 Thunder Sport Havok Edition Helicopter Kit
(1) Main & Tail Rotor Blade Set
(1) 22T Motor Pulley

Required for Flight:

(3) Standard Cyclic Servos
(1) Standard Rudder Servo
(1) Brushless Motor / Max Diameter: 64mm / Max Height: 64mm
(1) 120A - 160A ESC
(1) Flybarless Controller
(1) Transmitter
(1) Receiver
(1) 12S 44.4V LiPo Battery

Electronic Recommendations:

Cyclic Servos: (3) KST BLS915 V2 Brushless Standard Servo
Rudder Servo: (1) KST BLS 805X Brushless HV Standard Tail Servo
Brushless Motor: (1) XNova 4530-525
ESC: (1) HobbyWing Platinum Pro V4 130A HV ESC
Flybarless Controller: (1) iKON Flybarless Controller
LiPo Battery: (2) Pulse Ultra PLU45-50006 LiPo Batteries

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Spot On 1.5" Servo Arm