Small Parts

Small Parts


100-120cc Wheel Pants

100-120cc cc Wheel Pants

Replacement wheel pants for our 100cc planes can be purchased below. The standard price shown is for wheel pants to be produced at the time of order and air-freighted as quickly as possible from the factory direct. This allows for a more custom match to your plane and the most economical method of production. We will contact you with any questions about the batch number of your plane to make sure we get an ideal fit for you. The complete process from time of order will take about 8 weeks.

You can choose “Express if possible” below, and if we have wheel pants available we can ship to you at 25% more. Please contact us with any questions.

Please enter plane and color scheme below:



Ball Links

Pack of 10 Ball Links




Brass Collet with Tension Screw (10 pcs)

Brass Collet with Tension Screw




CNC Steel Tension Regulator (10 pcs)

CNC Steel Tension Regulator (10 pcs) 



Fiberglass control horn

Replacement control horns for 30cc, 50cc and 100cc planes. Made of light strong fiberglass, these fiberglass control horns fit MOST planes using these style of control horns. Each unit includes 2 single horns and a ball link, so you just need to hook up to your pushrod.



Miracle RC Rubber Wheel 1.5"

These Lightweight Tires/wheels for RC planes are treaded durable rubber wheels. they offer a strong but light option for your 3d plane and also give you significant shock absorption on landings.

These RC plane wheels are available in 3" and 3.5" sizes. 3" is good for 30cc and similar. 3.5" are good for 50cc and similar sized planes

Weight: Approximately 3oz PER pair




Redwing LED Power Board Display

LED display light with male JR connector for RedwingRC Power Boards.



Xion Wing Lock Replacement Cam Levers

Xion Wing Lock set replacement cam levers. These fit 6mm and 1/4 20 winglocks