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This section contains Discontinued Items with limited quantities and Scratch & Dent items that have been reduced for box damage or open box products.

Scratch and Dent
Temporary Price Reductions
Power Foils and Kites
  SKU Product Our Price
RWP-closeout-16x8 Closeout Wood 3D Propellers - A and C Type Props $9.99
DW-VS32 Hindenburg (Zeppelin) Static Model Wood Kit $59.99 (Save 25%)   FREE SHIPPING
WB-F3A Redwing RC F3A Wingbag $89.99 (Save 31%)
gift-card Redwing RC Gift Certificates PLEASE CALL
WB-Rect-Small Redwing RC Rectangle Wingbags $79.99
RW-EXTRA-330SC-RWB RedwingRC 108" Extra 330 SC $1089.99 (Save 20%)