Spot On 1.25" Servo Arm

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Spot On 1.25" Servo Arm

Spot_On 1.25
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Manufacturer SpotOn RC / Flywheelz

High Quality 1.25" Aluminum servo arm from Spot-On RC

Spot On Servo Arms are made of high quality 7075-T6 aluminum, one of the highest strength alloys available for this purpose.  They feature an ultra secure double lock design, keeping your servo arm secure and eliminating any slop between the main servo gear and the arm.  Spot On Servo Arms are also sand blasted and anodized for a beautiful appearance.

Spot on offers their servo arms in many sizes, threads and gear output compatibility.  Spot On arms are offered in:
M3, or #4-40 holes, so you can use ball links that are metric or standard Futaba, Hitec or JR compatible gear mesh. Sizes ranging from 1” to 2” for single arms and 2.5” to 4.5” for rudder arms.

Available colors are Blue, Black or Silver

Spot On RC Servo Arms are measured from the center hole of the servo to the outermost hole (for example, a 1” arm is exactly 1” from hole center to hole center).  However the larger sizes offer the option of one or two more additional inner holes so you can use them for future projects or fine tune your ratios.

Redwing RC only offers the V2, upgraded version, with stronger aluminum and finer design.  No matter which Spot On RC Servo Arms you choose you will be sure to experience problem free set up and operation with these high quality servo arms.


  • Stronger Material, Cleaner Splines
  • Material: aluminium 7075-T6 (sandblasting and anodized), 12.9 class 2.5mm locking screw
  • Futaba and New Hitec 8XXX series:25T and JR 24T                                                                                                                
  • Length(from the thread hole to outermost spline hole) : 1.25nch(31.75mm)
  • Fixing screw bolt: M3 and #4-40
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