BMS-M15S No Tabs Servo, HV-Digital, Magnetic Sensor, Micro, High Torque, Metal Gear, Coreless

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BMS-M15S No Tabs Servo, HV-Digital, Magnetic Sensor, Micro, High Torque, Metal Gear, Coreless

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Manufacturer Blue Bird

BMS-M15S No Tabs Servo, HV-Digital, Magnetic Sensor, Micro, High Torque, Metal Gear, Coreless servo

The Blue Bird BMS-M15S servo is a ground-breaking new servo from Bluebird, perfect for the F5J market and many other sailplane/glider applications. It uses a magnetic contactless position sensor which will never wear out and thus removes the major failure mode of my most RC servos. Similiar in size to the 115HV, the M15S features an all metal case without any mounting lugs. This servo is usually mountes by bonding it with epoxy glue to the model's structure.

Despite being only 10 mm thick the M15S’s torque and speed are both very high making it suitable for all control surfaces on fast gliders and jets. The voltage range goes from 4.5V up to 8.5V, making it perfect for use from electronic speed controls (ESC), 4.8V NiMH or 2S Lipo batteries. The high-quality metal gears are supported on two ball bearings and the servo is driven by a high-quality coreless DC motor. The black case is anodised aircraft grade aluminium alloy, not plastic.

The large output spline is identical to Futaba 25 tooth splines, so replacement output arms are readily available.


3D EP Aircraft, F5J, F3K, F3P & DLG, HLG.
Torque At 6.0V 5.1 kg-cm / 70.8 oz-in
Torque At 7.4V 6.4 kg-cm / 88.9 oz-in
Torque At 8.4V 7.5 kg-cm / 104.2 oz-in
Speed At 6.0V 0.14 sec / 60°
Speed At 7.4V 0.11 sec / 60°
Speed At 8.4V 0.10 sec / 60°


Operating Voltage Range  4.5V ~ 8.5V 4.5V ~ 8.5V ( 4 ~ 6 Cell Ni-MH or 2S Li-Poly / 2S Li-Fe )


Control System Digital Controller 12-Bits 12-Bits 12-Bits ( ( 4096 4096 Steps Steps ) ) Working Frequency & Neutral 333 Hz / 1520us
Dead Band Width 0.001ms (1us)
Frame Rate (Signal repeat rate) 3ms ( Maximum ) [ EX:Futaba-4PX / Sanwa-M12 ]
Rotating Direction Clockwise / When Pulse Traveling 1500 ~ 1900u sec
Operating Travel 90° (When 1100 ~ 1900 μ sec) [ Maximum..900us ~ 2100us ]


Ball Bearing 2 Ball Bearing
Gear All Metal Gears
Motor Coreless Motor
Horn / Gear Spline 25 Teeth ( Same as F-Type )
Cable Length 140 mm ( 5.5 in )
Connector Universal Connector ( J-Type )


Dimension (mm) 23.2 x 10 x 24.3 mm / 0.91 x 0.39 x 0.96 in
Weight (gram) 12.0 ± 0.5 grams / 0.42 oz​


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3.75" Painted CF Spinner-Silver

3.75"  Painted CF Spinner-Silver

*Never been used, item was wrapped before paint was dry- creating a slight texture on the surface*

3 Inch Carbon Fiber Spinner- Silver

Includes spinner and backplate.



Booma RC Pin Flag Switch and Bright Blue LED


Booma RC

Booma RC pin flag switch for IntelliReg, Smart-Fly or Gryphon regulator. This pin flag switch Booma RC is an ultra high quality fail safe switch designed as a replacement switch for Smart-Fly systems, Power System, Power Expander, Regulators as well as Gryphon Heli regulators.

Supplied with 1 x switch actuator and 1 x pin flags.



FUTABA T6KH 2.4GHz T-FHSS Heli Spec Radio System w/ R3006SB Receiver

FUTABA T6KH 2.4GHz T-FHSS Heli Spec Radio System w/ R3006SB Receiver


































































































Product Description

With 4 times the resolution of its predecessor, the Aurora 9, the Aurora 9X is sure to become a favorite among the most demanding pilots. It is HiTec's first triple protocol radio which allows selection from the G1 and G2 Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS) or Secure Link (SLT) 2.4GHz technologies. It features dual processors for fast low latency response and ultra-smooth 4096 resolution. With more than 30 additional programming enhancements and new dynamically assignable switches, it is sure to thrill sport and professional level airplane and helicopter pilots alike.




  • Built in AFHSS 2.4GHZ / SLTTM Module (Single / Bi-Directional Selectable)
  • 4096 Resolution
  • Improved Latency (Dual Processor 7ms Frame Rate)
  • Vibration Mode
  • Included Touch Screen Stylus
  • Easy-to-Read, Easily Accessible 5.1-inch Wide Backlit LCD Touch Screen (320 x 80 Pixels)
  • Customizable Menu
  • One-Stop Model Type Setting
  • 3 Multi-Tasking Digital Trims
  • Fully Assignable Control Switches, Knobs, Sticks and Digital Trims
  • Ultra-Smooth Quad Ball Bearing Gimbals
  • Full-Size Comfortable Hand Grips (Top Quality Elastomer)
  • Selectable 4 Different Control Stick Modes, Plus 2 Additional Manual Modes (Software)
  • Easy Gimbal Mode Change and Tension Adjustment (Hardware)
  • Power Management System (Adjustable Backlight & Auto Shut-off Time)
  • Digital Trim Nano-Adjuster (200 Adjustable Trim Steps)


Standard Programming

  • 9 Assignable Control Channels
  • 3-Model Type Programming (ACRO/GLID/HELI)
  • 30-Model Memory
  • 20 Character Model Naming
  • 8 Flight Conditions with 10 Characters
  • Fail-Safe
  • Channel Function
  • EPA
  • Dual Rate & EXP* 
  • Sub-Trim
  • Servo Reverse
  • Servo Speed (up to 25 sec. in each direction)* 
  • Servo Monitor (Monitor & Servo Test)
  • 8 Programmable Mixes (5x 2-Point, 3x 7-Point Curves)**
  • Trainer
  • Throttle Lock

* Capable of a Maximum of 24 rates by 8 flight conditions and 3 switch positions
** Capable of a Maximum of 8 Rates by 8 Flight Conditions