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RCEXL HV 70A Electronic Switch (Brushed Motor Electric Start Switch)

RCEXL High Current Electronic Switch, Rcexl 70A brush motor start electronic switch V2.0  <35cc engines use

Booma RC

Booma RC pin flag switch for IntelliReg, Smart-Fly or Gryphon regulator. This pin flag switch Booma RC is an ultra high quality fail safe switch designed as a replacement switch for Smart-Fly systems, Power System, Power Expander, Regulators as well as Gryphon Heli regulators.

Supplied with 1 x switch actuator and 1 x pin flags.



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Satellite Receiver Mounting Bracket

mount bracket



Spot On Dual Fuel Dot (Magnet Style)

High Quality Dual Fuel Dot (Magnet Style)

Available in Black or Silver.

Material: Aluminum

Uses very strong Rare-Earth magnet to hold the dot in place.

Simple and effective. The Double Dot allows you to add fuel and smoke in a single compact unit.



Tech Aero HV Ultra IBEC (5.9V, 6.3V, 7.3V, and 8.0V)

Tech Aero BEC HV



Tech Aero IBEC

Tech Aero IBEC



Wheels, Miracle RC PU Wheel with Aluminum Hub (3"-5")




































20% OFF!

This tail wheel assembly is extremely efficient and reliable. With fewer parts, there is less to worry about and the solid construction makes it the go-to choice for pilots at any skill level. "Trouble Free" means just that... no more worrying about screws falling out or loss of control. Make the switch today by installing the SmartDesign Tail Wheel!!!

CNC Aluminum & C.F. Tail Wheel Assembly



  • Extremely Reliable
  • Mechanically Efficient Design
  • Simple and Solid Construction
  • Fewer parts needed for install
  • Ball Bearings




  • 50-60cc: $34.99
  • 85-120cc: $44.99
  • 150cc-220cc: $54.00






  • 50-70cc: 1.6 oz
  • 85-120cc: 2.2 oz
  • 150cc-220cc: 2.6 oz


Don't forget to check out our Aluminum Hub Wheels! They are excellent replacements for landing gears and tail wheels. Please see sizing chart below.


Tail Wheel Chart