Multi-Switch (Dual Battery Redundancy switch with Fail-Safe Tech)

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Multi-Switch (Dual Battery Redundancy switch with Fail-Safe Tech)

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Manufacturer Booma RC

Multi-Switch (Dual Battery Redundancy switch with Fail-Safe Tech)

If you want a switch that offers complete dual battery balancing and redundancy with an ultra-small footprint for your scale model then look no further. The new AR Multi-Switch has taken dual redundancy battery backer switch with fail-safe technology to the next level! Why is it called the Multi-Switch? Because it comes with multi-switching options, multi input options and multi output options. So you can easily create a design that works to your exact requirements. Plus you can easily reconfigure the Multi-Switch to a PinFlag, Magnetic or remote option at any time!

All this in a stylish yet compact light weight full aluminium case for more power handling than the older dual battery hidden switch.

Built with our proven dual battery redundancy technology the AR Multi-Switch can be used with either a single or dual battery settup and is designed to power any receiver or power distribution system on the market.

With built in fail-safe technology you can have the piece of mind knowing that the AR Multi-Switch has you covered.

Slim and lightweight aluminum case the AR Multi-Switch can be mounted inside your model, creating a sleek looking finish for all models.

With technology based upon our innovative hidden switch design. The AR Mult-Switch, now in a modular form, allows for easy mixing and matching of cables to suit any and all of your model needs.

* Works with all battery chemistries, NiCD, Nimh, Lion, LiFe, LiPo or PB.
* 2S, 3S and even 4S capable.
* Dual Battery Backer Redundancy.
* Fail-Safe switching.
* Supplied with our universal Switch connector for multiple Switching Options.
* Multiple Switching Options: PinFlag, Magnetic or Remote switching.
* Single or Dual Battery input Ready.
* Multiple easy-to-change Input options; JR, Ultra, XT60 EC3 Etc.
* Multiple easy-to-change output options; JR, Ultra, XT60 EC3 Etc.
* Supplied with a bright blue remote LED for mounting anywhere in the model.
* 4 volt to 12 volt capable for those new 12 volt servos.
* 35A (30 Seconds) inputs and outputs. 

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Booma RC

Booma RC pin flag switch for IntelliReg, Smart-Fly or Gryphon regulator. This pin flag switch Booma RC is an ultra high quality fail safe switch designed as a replacement switch for Smart-Fly systems, Power System, Power Expander, Regulators as well as Gryphon Heli regulators.

Supplied with 1 x switch actuator and 1 x pin flags.



MULTIPLEX (MPX) Servo Harness 6" Male 6" Female 20 AWG



























































Male Deans to Male XT60 Connector

With this Deans to XT connector you can convert a battery with T-Plug to XT-60 on ESC / charger
The connector has many applications and can be used for charger adapter.


  • Male Deans T style plug to Male XT60
  • Durable design
  • Heatshrink seal



Braided Steel Bracing Cable

Braided Steel Bracing Cable

VP-Steel Brace Cable


Brass Collet with Tension Screw and Pin (10 pcs)

Brass Collet with Tension Screw and Pin