Dynam Meteor V3 70mm EDF Jet

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Dynam Meteor V3 70mm EDF Jet

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PNP or SRTF version


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Weight 5.00 lbs
SKU DY51629
Manufacturer Dynam

Dynam Meteor V3 70mm EDF Jet-- RedwingRC Plug-and-Play aircraft! **Now available in RTF!!

The Dynam Meteor is a High Speed 70mm EDF Sport Jet. This new V3  Meteor jet is made of strong EPO material, with a new paint scheme and includes an upgraded 12 fan EDF motor. All servos, 70mm Fan and the ESC are pre-installed in the model. Designed for high-speed flying with a powerful brushless electric ducted-fan, the fan unit is well constructed for high-performance flying. The Meteor EDF sport jet is set to be one of the fastest EPO 70mm EDF-Airplanes available!

What is included:

  • PNP--Meteor 70mm EDFJet, motor, ESC, 5*9g servos
  • SRTF--Meteor 70mm EDFJet, motor, ESC, 5*9g servos, MSR66A Sport Receiver, GAVIN-6A transmitter, 4S 14.8V, 2600mAh, 30C Li-Po battery and charger

Smart-Ready-to-Fly (SRTF) includes a Detrum mini 6-channel 2.4GHz 6-axis gyro integrated receiver and a Detrum 6-channel 6A transmitter . It provides four different flight modes: Gyro off, Normal, Aerobatic, and Auto-Recovery (Auto Balance) and can be programmed from the matching transmitter. Just charge the included battery and with minimum assembly, it is ready to fly.

What is required (PNP):

  • 6-Channel or above transmitter
  • 6-Channel receiver
  • 4S 14.8V, 2600mAh, 30C Li-Po battery and charger


  • Material: EPO Foam
  • Wing Span: 910mm(35.8in)
  • Flying Weight: 1100g
  • Wing Loading: 52.8g/dm²
  • Fuselage Length: 1100mm(41.1in)
  • Center of Gravity: 105 - 110mm from the leading edge at the wing root
  • Motor: Detrum BM2827A-KV2600 
  • ESC: TC Skylord 60A ESC
  • Propeller: 12 blades EDF
  • Servo: 5x 9g
  • Elevator: Yes
  • Rudder: Yes
  • Ailerons: Yes
  • Flaps: No
  • Landing Gear: E retract

1 hour assembly time

$20 Flat Rate shipping lower 48 USA only. Contact us at [email protected] to calculate international shipping cost.

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XQ 4013 digital 6v

The XQ 4013 servo is the best option out there for 30cc sized 3d planes. Perfect combination of speed and torque and a price point that make the other servo companies jealous.

The XQ 4013 has superior reliability to other servos. They have a core less digital motor, for precise strong movement. The XQ 4013 has all titanium gears, heat sink to reduce overheating, waterproof housing, and great torque and speed.

The XQ 4013 is perfect for a 30CC 3D plane for ALL surfaces. They can be used reliably in a 50cc plane also on all surfaces.


  • Torque:
    • 166.7 oz/in at 4.8V (12.0 kg/cm)
    • 197.2 oz/in at 6V (12.8 kg/cm)
  • Speed:
    • .13 sec at 4.8V
    • .11 sec at 6V
  • Voltage: 4.8V - 6V
  • Weight: 2 oz (59g)
  • Size: 40x20x39mm
  • Gear Style: Futaba Arms
  • Modulation: Coreless Digital
  • Gear Type: Titanium
  • Weight: 2oz (59g)
  • Size: 40x20x39mm

Watch this video of the XQ 4013 beating the Hitec 7985mg


  • Titanium Gears
  • Waterproof
  • Coreless
  • Digital
  • High Torque/High Speed
  • Smooth resolution

Don't forget to buy some circle servo arms to fit your carbon fiber arms you got in your kit!




SmartDesign V3 "Trouble Free" Tail Wheel Assembly




















































This tail wheel assembly is extremely efficient and reliable. With fewer parts, there is less to worry about and the solid construction makes it the go-to choice for pilots at any skill level. The new V2 design incorporates ball bearings for smooth motion, ball-joint to rudder steering connection, wider CF mounting plate, and slightly larger wheels that the v1. "Trouble Free" means just that... no more worrying about screws falling out or loss of control. Make the switch today by installing the SmartDesign Tail Wheel!!!

CNC Aluminum & C.F. Tail Wheel Assembly for 20cc to 220cc





  • Extremely Reliable
  • Mechanically Efficient Design
  • Simple and Solid Construction
  • Fewer parts needed for install
  • Ball Bearings




  • 20-40cc: $27.00
  • 50-70cc: $34.99
  • 85-120cc: $44.99
  • 150cc-220cc: $54.00






  • 20-40cc: 1.2 oz
  • 50-70cc: 1.6 oz
  • 85-120cc: 2.2 oz
  • 150cc-220cc: 2.6 oz

Don't forget to check out our Aluminum Hub Wheels! They are excellent replacements for landing gears and tail wheels. Please see sizing chart below.

Tail Wheel Chart