Heat Shrink Transparent Covering

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Heat Shrink Transparent Covering

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Heat Shrink Transparent Covering for RC planes

This Transparent covering is a high tech polyester covering that is sensative to heat which makes it easy to apply to your plane. It offers high adhesion, fuel proof/waterproof covering for your plane. Easy to apply using a heat gun and/or iron.


  • Width: 23.5”
  • Temp to adhesion: Approximately 250 degrees F
  • Shrinkage begins: Approximately 275 degrees F
  • Maximum recommended temp: Approximately 300 degrees F

For instructions on how to apply covering here is a helpful tutorial:


Sold in 1 Foot Sections. Please select how many feet you want. Ships in Prioirty Mail tube.

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Carbon Fiber (CF) Spinners (Spinner)


  • High Quality Carbon Fiber Spinners
  • Pre Slotted for 3d size props
  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful!


  • 2.0" $19.99 *new size
  • 2.5" $24.99 *new size
  • 3.0" $34.99
  • 3.5" $39.99
  • 3.75" $44.99 *new size
  • 4.0" $49.99
  • 4.5" 59.99
  • 5.0" 65.99

**NOTE: Spinner Bolts sold SEPARATELY - CLICK HERE -





HobbyWing WiFi Express Smartphone ESC Module


HobbyWing WiFi Express Smartphone ESC Module



High Speed Sponson Racing Air Boat 600mm (23.6") Hull, Air Boat Kit or PNP with water cooled ESC and Air Power System

High Speed Sponson Racing Air Boat 600mm (23.6") Hull, Air Boat Kit or PNP with water cooled ESC and Air Power System

Redwing RC is proud to partner with Dancing Wings to bring you another great flying balsa wood Sport Trainer Aircraft to our lineup. Dancing Wings, established in 2002, is a manufacturer with small beginnings, initially only manufacturing power systems and accessories for RC models. They've now grown into a large manufacturer, having hired experienced designers and engineers in recent years, so that they could start to widen the product line. The ranges now include some fine balsa kits, static models, electronics and more...  


  • Brand Name: Dancing Wings Hobby 
  • Item Name: Mini-STICK
  • Material: Balsa wood
  • Wingspan: 580mm (23")
  • Length: 460mm (18")
  • Flying Weight: 110g

Recommended Setup:

  • Propeller Shaft: 3.17mm
  • Rudder: 75mm
  • Propeller: 1.4x27
  • Motor: Watercooled 28mm 3700kv
  • ESC: Watercooled 40A+
  • Servo: 9g x 1
  • Battery: 3S 2200mAh lipoly
  • Radio system: 2CH

What is needed:

Versions available (use drop down to select): 

  • R0301= KIT
  • R0301B= KIT+ Film Pack
  • R0304= KIT+ Pack + Power Pack (MM1404+Prop+10A ESC+2.5g Servo*3)
  • R0304B= KIT+ Film Pack + Power Pack (MM1404+Prop+10A ESC+2.5g Servo*3)

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