GT2000V2 F5J/P5B Competition Grade CF Powered Glider (2.0M) Kit

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GT2000V2 F5J/P5B Competition Grade CF Powered Glider (2.0M) Kit

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GT2000v2 F5J/P5B Competition Grade CF Powered Glider (2.0M) Kit

The GT2000v2 Powered Glider is a high-performance competition grade glider with light weight carbon fiber and wood construction ideal for precision competition or a gentle relaxing flight. With its elegant wings and carbon fiber fuselage it responds superbly to thermals.

The GT2000v2 version has integrated carbon fiber throughout the model to maximize strength and performance while improving the quality, reducing weight and increasing the performance of glider. Below is a list of improvements from version 1:

  • Thinner/lighter fiberglass battery compartment
  • Carbon fiber canopy and tail pipe
  • Wings constructed with carbon fiber main beam and carbon tube latch with three-stage plug-in structure design for easy transport
  • Thinner wings and optimized airfoil to improve gliding performance
  • Most accessories are made of carbon fiber with improved strength and lighter weight
  • Tail wing incorporates a torsion spring to improve return to center and lighter weight structure

Maximized strength is provided with the carbon fiber tail pipe and carbon fiber reinforced wings so the glider can withstand high speed precise flights setting new standards in the 2M wingspan class. The ailerons and flaps are a wide and long feature, making pin-point landings easy while also improving the launch characteristics and giving the pilot a broad performance spectrum for high speed, aerobatics and thermalling.

The planes docile flying characteristics and excellent performance in the air ensure that the GT2000v2 provides maximum flying pleasure, whether you are a weekend pilot or flying in a competition. You will enjoy floating through the air for long periods, as well as lively aerobatics- all with style and precision.

The model comes as a kit version only due to multiple different power system and competition requirements for pilots. Below are some suggestions:

  •  Recommend a motor with reverse shaft and outer diameter of 28mm, such as XM2838 P5B special motor, or higher performance motor
  • ·May use standard size 9g servos for the tail and wing; however due to the thin wing must use smaller wing servos such as KST08, GDW1906, or Blue Arrow D0474HT MG for the aileron and flap. The thickness of the servo should be less than 9mm and the torque greater than 2kg.

Wing Span: 2000MM
Length: 1120MM
Wing Area: 30.3dm2
Flight Weight: 670g
Servos: 9g*6
Motor: XM2838 P5B 1800KV
Esc: 40A (as required based on motor)
Propeller: 8x6E (as required based on motor)
Battery: 3S 11.1V 1300mAh (as required based on motor)

CG: about 45mm from the front leading edge of the wing

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Future Model Red/ Black EPP Sbach Cowl

Red/ Black EPP Sbach Replacement Cowl



FUTABA 18SZ 70th Anniversary Heli Spec Radio System

FUTABA 18SZ 70th Anniversary Heli Spec Radio System











18SZ 70th Anniversary Airplane Spec Radio System























Product Description

With 4 times the resolution of its predecessor, the Aurora 9, the Aurora 9X is sure to become a favorite among the most demanding pilots. It is HiTec's first triple protocol radio which allows selection from the G1 and G2 Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS) or Secure Link (SLT) 2.4GHz technologies. It features dual processors for fast low latency response and ultra-smooth 4096 resolution. With more than 30 additional programming enhancements and new dynamically assignable switches, it is sure to thrill sport and professional level airplane and helicopter pilots alike.




  • Built in AFHSS 2.4GHZ / SLTTM Module (Single / Bi-Directional Selectable)
  • 4096 Resolution
  • Improved Latency (Dual Processor 7ms Frame Rate)
  • Vibration Mode
  • Included Touch Screen Stylus
  • Easy-to-Read, Easily Accessible 5.1-inch Wide Backlit LCD Touch Screen (320 x 80 Pixels)
  • Customizable Menu
  • One-Stop Model Type Setting
  • 3 Multi-Tasking Digital Trims
  • Fully Assignable Control Switches, Knobs, Sticks and Digital Trims
  • Ultra-Smooth Quad Ball Bearing Gimbals
  • Full-Size Comfortable Hand Grips (Top Quality Elastomer)
  • Selectable 4 Different Control Stick Modes, Plus 2 Additional Manual Modes (Software)
  • Easy Gimbal Mode Change and Tension Adjustment (Hardware)
  • Power Management System (Adjustable Backlight & Auto Shut-off Time)
  • Digital Trim Nano-Adjuster (200 Adjustable Trim Steps)


Standard Programming

  • 9 Assignable Control Channels
  • 3-Model Type Programming (ACRO/GLID/HELI)
  • 30-Model Memory
  • 20 Character Model Naming
  • 8 Flight Conditions with 10 Characters
  • Fail-Safe
  • Channel Function
  • EPA
  • Dual Rate & EXP* 
  • Sub-Trim
  • Servo Reverse
  • Servo Speed (up to 25 sec. in each direction)* 
  • Servo Monitor (Monitor & Servo Test)
  • 8 Programmable Mixes (5x 2-Point, 3x 7-Point Curves)**
  • Trainer
  • Throttle Lock

* Capable of a Maximum of 24 rates by 8 flight conditions and 3 switch positions
** Capable of a Maximum of 8 Rates by 8 Flight Conditions



RCEXL Electric CDI Twin Ignition For NGK-ME-8-1/4-32 90 Degree (DLA, DA and RCGF) w/upgraded new spark plug cap

RCEXL Electric CDI Twin Ignition For NGK-ME-8-1/4-32 90 Degree (DLA, DA and RCGF)