High Quality Electric Folding Props/Propeller (7-11" folding)

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High Quality Electric Folding Props/Propeller (7-11" folding)

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High Quality Electric Folding Props/Propeller (7-11" folding)

These props are durable and light, making them the ideal choice for your electric glider or sailplane. Perfect fit for our Metal Folding Propeller Spinner Kits.

Choose from the following sizes sold as a pair of folding props:

  • 7.3x4 
  • 7.5x4 
  • 7x3 
  • 8x4.5 
  • 8x6 
  • 10x6 
  • 10x8
  • 11x6
  • 11x8
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BMS-A920+ HV MINI, DIGITAL, CORELESS (New Faster and more Torque w/ Soft Start Protection)

BMS-A920+ HV MINI, DIGITAL, CORELESS (New Faster and more Torque w/ Soft Start Protection)



Power HD A-50 HV Coreless High Torque 50.0 kg/ 694.4 oz 0.16 sec 8.4V (Programmable, for 30-200CC Airplane or Jet)

Power HD A50 Coreless HV High Torque 50.0 kg/ 694.4 oz 0.16 sec 8.4V (Programmable, for 30-200CC Airplane or Jet)

Thought our other servos were great? Well of course they are! But wait until you check out these new Power HD servos - they will rock your wheel pants off* (no wheel pants will be harmed by using this product - but you get the idea).

There's a storm brewing in Redwing RC! These new HD Storms can handle anything thrown at them. Now, we can't imagine your servos heading into battle facing a hurricane or tornado - but they sure behave as if they have fought and conquered the fiercest of storms - taking all of that power and knowledge with them when they are installed into your bird. Rain or shine, these servos are ready for anything!

The HD Storm 3s are high efficiency and perform better. They run cooler and quieter and with less vibration - because there are no brush arcings, the radio frequency interference and electronic noise is significantly reduced.

All aluminum housing, high voltage and the new brushless technology gives you the best strength and speed while being incredibly efficient and long lasting.

New and Improved Technology!

The Power HD Storm 3 high voltage servos are made with brushless technology. Now - we've heard about this "brushless" stuff before but it is time to ask the question on all of our minds - why is that so great? Take a brushless motor for example - no brushes in a brushless motor (no kidding...) nor does it have the commutator - instead a small circuit board coordinates the energy delivery to the windings. Think about this technology being used in a power tool - since the electronics communicate directly with the stationary windings the tool can adapt to its surroundings - only using enough juice necessary to accomplish the job. So if you are using a brushless drill to drive a screw into Styrofoam - it will sense the lack of resistance from the foam and pulls only enough charge from the battery that it needs. Whereas a brushed drill will run as fast and hard as it can no matter the job simultaneously wasting your battery life.

"What the heck does that have to do with my servo?" Well now they are incorporating that smart technology into these HD Storm 3 high voltage servos - so they are not going to be sucking the life of your Redwing LiFe battery when it doesn't have to - which means not only would you be getting a great and powerful servo - it's smart! Your "LiFe" will thank you.

Perfect for Giant Scale/3D planes and 1/5 Buggy/Crawler! So now the only question is - why are you still reading this? Go buy your Power HD Storm 3 servos before they're gone!


  • Torque:
    • 374.9 oz/in at 6V (27.0 kg/cm)
    • 444.4 oz/in at 7.4V (32.0 kg/cm)
  • Speed:
    • .14 sec at 6VV
    • .11 sec at 7.4V
  • Voltage: 6.0 ~ 8.4 V
  • Weight: 2.82 oz (80g)
  • Size: 1.57 x 0.79 x 1.53 in (40.0 x 20.0 x 38.0mm)
  • Operating Temp- -20~60centigrade
  • Working Frequency - 1520μs / 333hz
  • Double Ball Bearings
  • Titanium and Steel gears
  • Water resistant O-Rings




Metal Folding Propeller Spinner Kit (CNC Spinner with Shaft Adaptors)

Metal Folding Propeller with CNC Aluminum Alloy Spinner


Going from a gas engine plane to all electric and need a durable, quality prop to make the switch? This new prop is a thin, lightweight 20 x 11composite APC prop for electric engines. The locating ring combines with the hub to create a precision fit - making this a great and easy-to-use prop when going electric with your plane! 


  • Center hole diameter: 1/4"
  • Propeller diameter: 20"
  • Propeller pitch: 11