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Return Policy

If an item is sent back without an RMA and is lost, Redwing is NOT responsible.
We require an RMA for your safety and ours. Thank you for your cooperation.

Our Return Policy for all parts is 30 days. After this period it would be a warranty either through us or the manufacturer depending on the item. For Planes we expect you to open and inspect within 48 hours. Anything after this period will be assumed to have occurred after shipping/receiving by you. If you wish to return a plane a restocking fee of 10-20% will be issued. For some parts a restocking fee may be applied also

We stand behind our products. We always exchange/replace, or find a solution when there is a problem and it is our error or a problem with the product. We DO NOT allow fraudulent returns however! We try to make sure everyone is happy with their plane and parts. And most everyone is. If you do have an issue with product please email us and give us the following information:

1) Product
2) Problem
3) Photos if possible/necessary
4) Preferred method of remedy
5) Short video showing the problem with the defective item.

We try hard to understand the problem from our customers angle. We know it's a pain, when you get a fun new item that you were planning to maiden THIS weekend, and it doesn't work out perfectly. But we ask that you please have patience and understanding from our angle as well. We WANT to help anytime there is a problem. The BEST way to ensure that we can work together to find the best solution, is to be courteous and calm. We promise to do anything reasonable to remedy a situation.

Thank you again for your patronage!
Tim and Team at Redwing RC

Contact Information:

Non-Warranty Return (within 30 days): [email protected]
Warranty/Technical Return: [email protected]