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Savox SV-0236 MG HV 1/5 Scale Digital Brushless Servo




































Ever go to a restaurant and look at the menu and think to yourself - "there's so many options that all just look so good!" - and have trouble deciding? Well here at Redwing RC our awesome servo collection is very similar! We have a great variety of spectacular servos to choose from so there is something for everyone! But let's introduce yet another great option to consider - the Savox SB-2273.

The Savox SB-2273 servos are a more powerful, SUPER torque, brushless digital servo that can fit every control surface for giant scale aircrafts - while still being super lightweight, 20% lighter than its kind! Sounds great - right?! These servos combine leading edge technology with super high 12 bit resolution and unique steel gears.

The brushless motor promises the great high speed, high torque performance that is extremely efficient! Savox has used this smart technology in the SB-2273's to 100% GUARANTEE that these servos won't suck the life out of your battery by only using enough juice to power that particular task.

All in all - these servos are a great choice for your RC plane. Order yours now!



  • Torque:
    • 319.4 oz/in at 4.8V
    • 388.8 oz/in at 6V
  • Speed:
    • .12 sec at 4.8V
    • .095 sec at 6V
  • Voltage: 4.8V to 6V
  • Weight: 2.4 oz (69g)
  • Size: 1.58 x .79 x 1.51 in (40.3 x 20.2 x 38.5 mm)
  • Gear Type - Unique Steel
  • Case - Full Aluminum
  • Bearing - dual ball bearings
  • Frequency - 250-333hz
  • Output Shaft - 25 Tooth Spline










Closeout Wood 3D Propellers - A and C Type Props

Closeout Wood 3D Propellers - A and C Type Props

These new, advanced designed props have been brought in by Redwing RC to compliment our line of planes. With advanced engineering, they are high efficient, lightweight and balance easily. These props are made with 3d and precision flying in mind. Made of beechwood, the sharp tips and thin design allow you to squeeze maximum efficeincy out of your engine. These properllors are the same in design as other more expensive props, but at significant savings. Close to 50% less. Buy several... you won't want to be without one if you break a prop!


  • Scimitar design for efficiency
  • Sharp tips - thin blades for better performance
  • Made of lightweight, high quality, beechwood
  • Beautiful looks, strength and performance



  • 18x6 - $14.99
  • 19x6 - $16.99
  • 19x8 - $16.99
  • 20x8 - $19.99
  • 20x9 - $19.99
  • 20x10 - $19.99
  • 22x10 - $25.99
  • 23x8 - $25.99
  • 23x9 - $25.99
  • 24x8 - $26.99
  • 24x10 - $26.99
  • 25x9 - $27.99
  • 27x10 - $35.99
  • 27x11 - $35.99
  • 28x10 - $42.99
  • 28x12 - $42.99
  • 29x10 - $45.99
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Wheel Pants (20cc-80cc)

Replacement wheel pants for our 30cc & 50cc planes. These work for both the sizes of planes. Please select color choice.
Sold in pairs.
Please contact us with any questions.




DA 35 Stock Muffler

DA Stock Mufflers

DA mufflers feature all aluminium CNC construction and a large baffled main canister. These design features make them a very durable in-cowl muffler. Included with DA mufflers are two  pressure fittings for smoke and two plugs for the inlets if you do not run smoke.

Enjoy your DA mufflers Today!


  • DA 35
  • DA 50
  • DA 60
  • DA 70
  • DA 100
  • DA 120
  • DA 150
  • DA 170
  • DA 200

These mufflers are made for DA Engines. Click Here!

*This item may ship directly from DA at no additional charge*